Get your everyday tasks and projects completed with the app Orderly

Get your everyday tasks and projects completed with the app Orderly

Get your everyday tasks and projects completed with the app Orderly

Do you often find yourself swamped with things to do during the day? With so many tasks on your plate, constant deadlines and more it can become almost too much to handle. The application “Orderly” is a productivity app that can help ease these everyday problems, thanks to intuitive new means of organization. Enter in your tasks, set their priorities and start getting things done right away!

After initial launch users are greeted by an introduction into the application. This intro shows users the key features of the app and how to maneuver its uses while in it. From here the app is then openly displayed for users to begin with. Across the top of the screen a button to add a new entry is shown as well as the name of the task section. Lastly shown on the top is a button to change task sections. In the middle of the screen is where users can find all of their ongoing to-do lists ranked in a bookshelf matter of priority; high to low. Buttons for settings and more info can be found on the two corners of the bottom of the screen. The overall design of the application is clean and calming for all users as they come in with the stress of their ongoing projects. To get started with Orderly all users need to do is tap the new entry button and begin.

To-do lists applications are normally cluttered and complicated to use but Orderly brings a new piece of mind to the table. By starting a new entry users can begin entering in their lists. A blank sheet is then shown and a keyboard arises as users input their information. Entries in Orderly are made fully customizable. Change the color of your paper, the font of your text and even tag items on your list to notify you when you arrive at certain locations. Just add your information and like that you’re done!

Making Orderly so much better than other productivity applications are its gesture controls. These controls not only make the application that much easier to use but also more convenient as well. After having made a list it is then shown amongst all of your others. By tapping and holding a list you can move it to the priority you would like. Whether a project of high, medium or even low importance you can handle them all while in Orderly. Swipe to complete tasks on your list, swipe the other way to delete them. Easily have all of your lists on your other devices automatically thanks to cloud sync. Auto prioritize, set recurring to-do’s and more, no matter what you’re doing you can get it done that much easier with this great application.

It’s time to get going with your to-do lists. Let Orderly help you get the things you need to get done, complete. Orderly is available for 99 cents in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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