Geometry Stash App Review

Geometry Stash App Review

Geometry Stash App Review

AppDictions App Review
Geometry Stash is just that, an enormous repository of geometric formulas, theorems and postulates. Geometry Stash from Apparent Etch is a mathematical resource and companion on the go. Whether it’s the iPhone or iPad, Geometry Stash will come to the rescue in your greatest time of mathematical needs.

Without being a fan of math, the app’s uses are very apparent. Straight forward and to the point, the interface catalog’s the content alphabetically with the top third of the screen being the rolling index and the bottom half containing the information of the term, description, sketch, term number/conclusion and the converse when applicable. Geometry Stash also features a great contextual search which uses autocomplete to help find what you’re looking for, and you can easily hide the diagrams with a screen tap.

From Congruent Supplements Theorem to Trapezoid Properties, Equation of a Circle to Rhombus Properties, Geometry Stash covers it all, and is an absolute must have resource for students, teachers and geometry buffs alike.

iTunes Description
Access the most commonly used theorems, postulates, and corollaries through Geometry Stash’s fluid, clean interface.
Drag your finger up and down the list to navigate its contents.

Touch the lower textured button to hide/show the diagram and adjust viewing space.

  • Both portrait and landscape views supported.
  • Search to narrow down results.
  • Descriptive, visual diagrams explaining each item. No BS.
  • Shake to hide/show diagram area.
  • Extend diagrams onto an external display or projector.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iPhone App:
Geometry Stash - Apparent Etch

iPad App:
Geometry Stash - Apparent Etch

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