Gem Collapse an Action Packed Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Gem Collapse is an action packed puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Gem Collapse is an action packed puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Gem Collapse a Matching Block Busting Game for iPhone and iPad

Gem Collapse is an action packed puzzle game for iPhone and iPad based off of the classic color matching block busting game. Featuring three exciting modes and several levels of gameplay, Gem Collapse offers puzzle gamers an entertaining way of testing their reflex skills against the clock.

The first game mode is the Frenzy Mode. Selecting this mode from the main menu will allow you to win a bunch of goodies such as lucky stars, magic keys and frozen power ups as you play. You are given only 60 seconds to grab as much as you can while the game’s speed increases with each second that passes.

In Collapse mode, you’ll be able to take things at a slower pace by enjoying a classic game of block busting. Unlike frenzy mode, you won’t be able to win any prizes. However, you can exit and resume your game anytime during a round and use your points to climb to the top position of the Game Center leaderboard.

The last game mode, or Panic mode is similar to frenzy mode but a little bit more intense. In addition to having quick reflexes, you’ll also have to use your coordination to avoid Speed Demons, Block Storms, Frozen Blocks and the occasions Virus. You can also use volatile bolds of energy, which violently strike down from the heavens above to destroy a random number of blocks on the board.

If you run out of energy volts you can purchase them from the games in app store along with other extras such as a Dynamite Shard, Nuclear bomb, Color Crusher, and Stars. There are also life packs available for purchase if you want to increase how many turns you get during a game and free content to be won by performing various actions such as liking the app’s Facebook or Twitter page.

For the casual app user that’s looking for a fun puzzle game for their device, Gem Collapse offers a unique rendition of the original block busting game played by everyone. Gem Collapse is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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