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It’s easy to forget that the iPod started out as a music application. There are so many applications now in the market – for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, that we often forget the primary use for these things (or what used to be the primary) – music!

Kikiwa delivers with a new application that allows users to enjoy music in a completely unconventional way. Funi Player is a good quality music app, and completely quirky.

It lets you listen to the music in a unique way – without the vocals or without the instrumental. These things are meant to go together seamlessly, but Funi Player allows you to listen to one without the other. Critique the vocals by hearing them without the instrumental or enjoy the instruments without the artist’s voice – you’ll find it disconcerting at first, but you’ll discover a whole new angle on music as well.

The acapella effect is not perfect, nor is it expected to be. But as previously mentioned, it gives you a glimpse in another facet of the artist or the song.  There is little to no converting time needed, so you don’t have to wait the entire day to enjoy these features.

The best feature of Funi Player is the possibility of discovering a fantastic version of an old song. And once you’ve unearthed a good thing, you can share it with friends from within the application. Record that new version, and send to your friends’ email to let them see for themselves.

This is a fun application, especially for music lovers. Straight-forward usage makes it accessible even for those technologically-challenged. Funi Player is certainly worth a listen.

iTunes Description
Another music experience, Funi Player!

Enjoy another side of music with Funi Player! Choose a song in device with Acappella Effect of Funi Player and hear the vocal part of the song by removing instrumental. Adversely, feel the instrumental by removing vocal with Vocal Removed Effect. Enjoying these features is in real time.

It is also possible to play songs in reverse direction, and changing playing speed faster or slower is another effect of Funi Player.

Of course, Funi Player provides normal music player functions.

* NOTE :
Requires iOS 5 or later.
Not supporting iTunes Match.

[ Acappella Effect ] – Based on songs in device, hear only vocals by removing instrumental sound.
– Just as other technologies in PC and MAC world, Acappella Effect is not perfect, but enjoyable enough.
– Turn on and off Acappella Effect in real time with an on/off button.
– No converting time needed.

[Vocal Removed Effect] – Adversely, hear only instrumentals by removing vocals in real time.

[Reverse Play Effect] – With an on/off button, change the direction of playing forward and backward.
– This feature is just for fun and better music experience.
– Before playing, short preparation time is needed only for this effect.

[Recoding to send an email] – Record to send an email is for transferring songs with Acappella Effect, Vocal Removed Effect and Reverse Play Effect to other devices.
– After recording, WAV file is ready for sending an email.
– Email of Funi Player is using the email set in your device, so please check the maximum attaching size of your email.
– Funi Player also supports AAC-compressing.

[Speed Control Play] – Change playing speed from 0.5 X to 2.0 X

[Normal Play] – Normal Play feature is using songs, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks and iTunesU in default music player and perfectly related to the default music player.
– Funi Player supports following features: play and pause, play collections, play next, play previous, scrubbing, now playing button, searching, index, lyrics, repeat, shuffle, background play and remote control.
– After syncing to iTunes, Funi Player updates media library automatically.

[Youtube video] – In detail page of each song, there is a link to Youtube videos closely related to the information of each song.

[Recently played songs] – Even without sync to iTunes, checking recently played songs is always possible in Funi Player.

[Personalized function] – Funi Player is providing an easy access to favorite song, album, artist and genre.

[Link to iTunes] – In details page of each song, there is a link to iTunes Music Store.
– It is easy to find and purchase related ringtones of your song in playing.

Funi Player will provide you with more power to control music.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPhone App:
Funi Player - Kikiwa

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