Fun way to get a hold of your debt in the app My Mountain Of Debt

Fun way to get a hold of your debt in the app My Mountain Of Debt

Fun way to get a hold of your debt in the app My Mountain Of Debt

Do you have a lot of debt that you want to get rid of but you don’t know how to even start tackling it? If so, the new finance application My Mountain Of Debt is a must have for your device. An app like no other My Mountain Of Debt combines finance and videogames to help all players enter in their debt and visually keep track of their progress. Get playing and see the results right away!

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. Featuring a design that feeds off of the apps storyline the design is very appealing to the eye. From this menu all players can easily start a new game, continue an old one or even access settings thanks to the buttons on the center of the screen. Social network feeds can be accessed from buttons on the bottom of the screen as well. To get started all players must do is hit the start button and enjoy.

Money is something that we all like to have but sometimes if we don’t handle it well enough we can find ourselves in a lot of debt. My Mountain Of Debt is an application that can make lowering and eventually clearing your debt a breeze. At he start of each game players have up to four categories of debt that they can enter. For each category players must enter in the exact amount of debt they have in that particular area. By entering in your real life data this makes it easier for the use of the application to be more realistic towards your financial situation. As the game begins a character named Sam the ant is then shown. By going on vacation and using a credit card Sam unknowingly racks up a lot of debt leaving a mountain coincidentally over his family ant hole. To get rid of the mountain Sam will need you to lower your debt so he can pick at the mountain. Can you help Sam save his family?

What makes My Mountain Of Debt so much better than other finance applications is its simplicity. By creating a fun storyline the developers at Fun With Data made it easier for their players to look at their financial situations. By visually seeing how much debt you have and continually coming back to the app to lower it as you have done in real life Sam can get a stronger pick to destruct the mountain. With time players will find themselves clearing their debt and thus clearing the mountain in the application. A great visual aid with easy controls and functionality that makes this application perfect for those in debt.

It’s time to stop sitting in your debt and start paying it off and deleting it. With My Mountain Of Debt your mountain of debt can become a thing of the past. My Mountain Of Debt is available in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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