Friends Aloud – App Review

Friends Aloud - App Review

Friends Aloud - App Review

AppDictions App Review
One of the biggest challenges with Facebook is keeping up with all of your friend’s status updates throughout the day. Depending on the number of friends you have (and how often they post), it could take some serious time to stay on top of the latest news.  Friends Aloud helps solve this dilemma by reading your friend’s Facebook status updates aloud to you, freeing you to multitask with ease!  Intuitive text-to-speech software reads messages with remarkable accuracy, including smiley faces and abbreviations.  You can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward through the posts easily, and the app will even continue running in the background.  Friends Aloud has many customization options to cater to your preferences.  You can choose how many updates to read at one time, which updates to ignore, and even how many comments to read!  

It is necessary to note that Friends Aloud will just read your Facebook friend’s statuses aloud.  It does not support the ability for you to comment on your friend’s statuses – you have to log into your regular Facebook app to do that.  Even with this minor limitation, this app definitely fulfills a need that many of us have.  It is also interesting to point out that the developers of Friends Aloud are working on a Tweets Aloud app that will enter beta testing next week – we’re hoping it is just as intuitive and customizable.  Become a social networking multitasking master with Friends Aloud!


iTunes Description
Friends Aloud Pro is a personalized “News Radio” that can broadcast your friends’ news directly to you. Friends Aloud Pro reads your Facebook news feed aloud so that you can stay connected with your friends anytime, anywhere. Using state of the art text-to-speech technology, you can listen hands-free to everything your friends post in a soothing voice when you’re driving, walking, working out, or just relaxing.

Friends Aloud Pro features:

  • Read aloud your latest Facebook news feed posts and their associated comments in a pleasant, easy-to-understand young woman’s voice
  • Display each post on the screen, so that you can tap around to read posts at random
  • Automatically shift to reading only new posts for as long as you leave the app running
  • Intuitive play, pause, and skip forward/back buttons, just like the iPod
  • Continue reading aloud while in the background, just like the iPod
  • Understand and read some common computer jargon such as smiley faces, texting-style abbreviations (LOL, ROTFLMAO, etc.)
  • Mute posts from friends or “liked pages” that you prefer to skip
  • Use standard Facebook login to connect with your friends
  • Number of comments read can be limited to none, the latest 5, 10, 20, or a maximum of 50
  • Read headlines of links, photo albums, and videos
  • Read as far back in time as you wish by tapping “Older posts”

Why use Friends Aloud?

  • Listen to your friends’ postings while driving, walking, in a meeting, at work, anywhere your eyes are otherwise occupied
  • Keep your eyes on the road so that you don’t get pulled over for “texting while driving” or – worse – cause an accident
  • Relax your eyes by listening to, instead of reading, your friends’ news

You can try some of these great features via the free version Friends Aloud Lite. It has many of the same capabilities of Friends Aloud Pro and reads aloud using the same lilting, easy-to-understand voice, but it contains advertising and is limited to reading aloud only the latest 10 news feed posts at any one time.

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