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Lovers of all things in bloom usually don’t find much use for applications, However, developer Muli Mobile Limited is releasing an application for iDevices that will give the users a flower overload. FlowerPedia is a reference application that will give flower lovers a worthy app to have on their gadgets.

Featured in numerous reference materials, FlowerPedia is such a wonderful application that even those who have even the faintest interest in flowers should try it out.

Surround yourself in beauty with this application, as there are over 2800 photographs of the most stunning plants you will ever see.  You can browse through the images at your own pace, or just sit back and relax as the slideshow takes you on a trip through blossoming flora. You will discover species of plants you never even knew; you will definitely come out with a newfound appreciation for all kinds of flowers.

If there are ones that catch your fancy, you can rate them (to boost the picture) or send a little beauty your family and friends’ way by emailing them the images from within the app.  For those who are looking for a specific place or flower in particular, the nifty search engine is quick and efficient. Discover which types of flower can be found in your country.

Finally, FlowerPedia is not only for aesthetic purposes—it is also a great source for a good deal of information about your favorite plants. Find out more about each image, and let the application teach you about the flower’s name, family, features and edibility.

What’s great about this application is that you are allowed to access this whole database even without internet connection. This is rare, given the application’s encyclopedic range of information.

The interface is pleasant, properly representative of all things in bloom. The app itself is smooth and responsive, with high definition images that will almost make you feel like you’re viewing an actual, live flower.

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As seen on FOX News (USA), The Times (UK), urbanbike (France) and featured in "What's Hot" and top-10 reference apps this Spring!

FlowerPedia is the definitive flowers application!

FlowerPedia presents over 2800 photos of flowers, including some of the world's prettiest and most exotic! We've scoured the world for your viewing pleasure. Relax with a slideshow of flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, hibiscus, tulips, daisies and many more.

Share the location of flowers you find with your friends and with the FlowerPedia community. Find flowers around you spotted by others. Ideal for discovering the nooks and crannies in your neighborhood, or going for an exploratory walk on vacation.

The new search lets you find flowers resident in a particular country. For example, you could find the flowers of France or even Antarctica. The search also lets you specify the state/province when searching within USA/Canada.

Rate each photo according to your own taste. With FlowerPedia you can browse photos by rating.

Email flowers to your loved ones to brighten their day! Each of the beautiful flower photos can be saved to your phone for use as backgrounds, or as a kind gesture in a emails to your friends & family.

FlowerPedia contains information on over 830 genera from 140 of the most beautiful flowering plant families, representing over 150,000 flower species from all around the world.

Tap the "Flower" button on any photo to be presented with information about the flower:
– a map of the flower's geographic distribution
– photos of the flower's relatives
– the flower Genus name (common and Latin)
– the flower Family name (common and Latin)
– its identifying features
– a list of related species
– information on edibility

Note, serious botanists be advised that FlowerPedia aims to enlighten casual lovers of flowers, using minimal botanical jargon. While accurate, it is not a scientific encyclopedia.

FlowerPedia is not a miracle one-click identifying solution – no such thing exists because, with over 250,000 flower species worldwide, the task of flower identification is highly complex. Instead, FlowerPedia guides you through the identification of unknown flowers using their physical characteristics, such as leaf structure, number of petals and stamens. FlowerPedia helps narrow your unknown flower down to the family and genus level (a group of closely related species).

You can use browse FlowerPedia's complete database of flower photos anywhere: even when you're out hiking, bushwalking, trekking or sitting comfortably in an airplane, because it does not require a network connection. All pictures of flowers are included in the application.

There are three editions of FlowerPedia:

FlowerPedia Lite
Beautiful flower slideshow and wallpapers:
– Flower sharing community
– 100 beautiful flower photos
– Flower names
– Information about the flower family

FlowerPedia – the world's most exotic app!
For flower enthusiasts:
– Flower sharing community
– Over 2800 beautiful flower photos
– Extensive information about each flower
– Comprehensive flower search by common name, Latin name, country and state/province
– Flower Identification Wizard (identify flowers by their anatomy)

FlowerPedia HD
For flower enthusiasts with an iPad:
– Get all the beautiful flower photos of FlowerPedia in crystal-clear iPad HD!
– Specifically designed for the iPad, with huge interface and photo enhancements
– The perfect coffee-table app for your home!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

iPhone App:
FlowerPedia - Muli Mobile Limited

iPad App:
Flower Pedia HD - Muli Mobile Limited

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