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It’s time to harvest the power of technology —for an educational cause.  Since the advent of the iPad, there has been endless talk of its entertainment purposes. More light should be shed on the new technology’s other uses, such as its potential to assist in important matters.

The Fiske Interactive College Guide 2012 is a good guide for those who find the path to higher education extremely troublesome. It is brought to the market by Sourcebooks, Inc. as a more technology-savvy alternative to their printed version of the Fiske College Guide.

The interactive guide is a priceless tool for the college-bound. It provides plenty of information about every university—a complete profile with curriculums, environment, accommodations on-site, tuition fees, and even feedback on the social scene in the campus. Whatever your criteria for selecting a college, this guide should only help you in coming to that decision.  It certainly provides a wealth of data that keeps you as well-informed as possible.

The Fiske Interactive College Guide makes the process easy on the student, even offering options for making lists. Keep it interactive with lists such as “Safety Schools”, “Probable Schools” and the like. You’ll find it more convenient and organized to see all the schools in your radar in a few lists.

There are so many features available; everything designed to make the process fuss-free for the user. You’ll be able to keep track of everything from university profiles to application deadlines you won’t want to miss.

Navigation is extremely simple, but appealing. Everything is all laid out on the interface, so each feature is easy to locate and access.

The Fiske Interactive College Guide 2012 is a worthwhile buy for youngsters contemplating college and their parents. It provides as complete a picture of available universities that’s available, so you’ll be making the best decision for you in the long run.

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“The best college guide you can buy”—USA Today
The #1 bestselling college guide, featuring 300+ of the best and most interesting schools, is now an app!

How do you know what a college is like without setting foot on campus? How would you determine whether a school is the right one for you? How well would you fit in?

For more than 25 years, the FISKE GUIDE TO COLLEGES has been the most trusted source of information for parents, counselors, and college-bound students. Now, the Fiske Interactive College Guide brings you every aspect of the book – plus much more – in an app! You’ll find the Fiske Interactive College Guide useful throughout the hectic, often stressful college search and selection process.

Exclusive Fiske Profiles, or, “WHAT’S THIS SCHOOL LIKE?”
Schools differ in ways that will determine your college experience, and the heart and the hallmark of Fiske Interactive are the detailed profiles of every school
– Social environment
– Academic rigor
– Intellectual environment
– Religious affiliation
– Campus location and surroundings
– Student living arrangements
– All the key statistics you need (acceptance rates, tuition, test score ranges, etc.)

It’s a big decision – the school you choose will have lifelong impact. You’ll quickly find the Fiske Interactive College Guide to be your most trusted, on-the-go companion, bringing much-needed calm and sanity to one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

– Organize your college tour with built-in map function
– Easily locate critical school deadlines (such as application dates)
– Email admissions departments directly from the app
– Browse each college website
– Easily explore schools that compete with one another (“overlap schools”)

MAKE LISTS TO NARROW DOWN YOUR SEARCH – The sheer number of colleges and universities can make the college-bound experience a dizzying one. Fiske Interactive eliminates the clutter, helping you:
– Easily and quickly flag schools you’ll want to look at again,
– Add your own notes to each school,
– Organize the schools you want to visit,
– Make lists of your “Safety Schools,” “Probable Schools,” and “Reach Schools” to track all of the schools you’re interested in.

For each college, Fiske Interactive exclusively provides “Overlap schools,” schools with which this college have the most applications in common. We encourage students who know they are interested in a particular institution to check out the schools with which it competes.

BROWSE THE 300+ BEST AND MOST INTERESTING SCHOOLS – Fiske Interactive has been created so you can use it how you want to use it. Browsing, searching, and bookmarking are all easy to do.

SEARCH THE ENTIRE FISKE GUIDE – The Search function provides various criteria you can search against such as state, campus location (urban, suburban, small town, or rural), size of enrollment, strongest programs, Fiske ratings, or just a keyword.

Since 1982, the Fiske Guide to Colleges has been conducting in-depth evaluations and student satisfaction surveys on the top colleges and universities. It has developed one of the most comprehensive collegiate databases available, and the only one including real feedback from students and schools then filtered through the eyes of Edward B. Fiske, former education editor of the NYT and a pioneer in the study of higher education. The independent, advertisement-free annual guide has become a standard part of college admissions literature and is now the country’s best-selling college guide.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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Fiske Interactive College Guide 2012 - Sourcebooks, Inc.

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