First Light App – Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

First Light - App Review

First Light - App Review

AppDictions App Review
We all hate waking up in the morning.  But what if waking up was more enjoyable?  Would you have a better day?  Now with First Light, a new iOS application that wakes you up with music you like, not static and a loud buzzer.  The alarm features music or you can choose from 1000’s of radio stations from around the world.

First Light is not only an alarm clock. It’s your trusty companion in the morning displaying your schedule for the day, local weather, and social media updates.  It brings you life into a single view and provides all the information you need within one application.

First Light has a very nice user interface that is extremely easy to navigate.  We have seen a lot of Alarm/Weather apps, but this one has the advantage with its style and social media functionality.  For the small price of $0.99 we highly recommend this app!


iTunes Description
Wake up on the right side of the bed every day with the new First Light app!

First Light brings together everything YOU need to get started in the morning. The alarm wakes you with your music or a choice of 1000’s of radio stations from around the world. It helps you plan your day by showing your calendar and the local weather; and keeps you up to date with your friend’s action on Facebook and Twitter.

First Light is your day, your life and your world in a single view.

If the first thing you reach for each morning is your iPhone, then this is the perfect app for you!


  • Alarm personalized with your music – choose from 1000’s of radio stations
    from around the world or music from your iPod
  • Clock
  • Local Weather: Set your global location
  • Your appointments from your iPhone calendar
  • Your friends’ Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Choose Wallpaper from your iPhone or our library

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