Find and chat with local businesses with the app Bizz Book

Find and chat with local businesses with the app Bizz Book

Find and chat with local businesses with the app Bizz Book

Sometimes quality service can be hard to find and there’s nothing more irritating than going to place after place and still not finding what you’re looking for. Whether it’s cleaning services, the best hair stylist or any other local service luckily the new app “BizzBook” can help you find the quality service you’re looking for in no time. Stop wasting time chatting to each individual place after another, chat with them all to see you find the best fit for you all while in one useful application.

After launch all users are greeted by the option to sign into the app. With the ability to sign-in with social networks like Facebook and Twitter getting started with the app is a Breeze. From here the app asks to use your current location and a map is shown of the area around you. With a menu to check out notifications, begin search queries and more on the top the design of the app is both well organized and functional. When ready to begin it’s as simple as figuring out what kind of service you need.

The times of having to peruse through phone books and calling business after business is behind you. Hop into “BizzBook”, a convenient application built for innovating the way you access local services. Once the user has figured out what kind of service they’re looking for by typing it in the search menu an array of the nearest local results are shown and made visible by red pin-points. By tapping on each pin-point both the name of the business is shown and even an option to check out more info on the business. When looking further into the business users will find all of the vital information necessary in evaluating the service; phone numbers, reviews, websites and more. If you’re interested in an individual source you can message or call them right away in the app with just a few short taps.

For those looking to really weight out their options by tapping the “all” button after searching for results users can message all of the businesses shown as results in one full sweep. Let the businesses know exactly what you need in the message box and even attach a photo to make sure they get the full “picture”. With the ability to even embed your social media into the post “BizzBook” gives users the ability to contact businesses like never before. Keep track of your messages and enquiries from the notifications tab, peruse through your conversations and other preferences in the settings tab. Getting down to business has never been easier!

“BizzBook” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 8.1 or later.

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