Filamente SharePoint Client App Review

Filamente SharePoint Client App Review

Filamente SharePoint Client App Review

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Filamente is a stout, well built app, seeking to corner the market for Microsoft SharePoint file sharing iPhone apps.  The developers at AirCreek Inc. have designed what we believe to be the first-of-its-kind SharePoint app, which allows you to connect and share files you normally cannot do through a regular web browser.

Filamente provides a gateway to your files through secure web browsing. Once you have registered, and a connection has been established to your SharePoint sites, the ability exists to view, create, edit and delete SharePoint data. The interface is straight forward and clutter free and you can really maximize your productivity with this remote access. There is content emailing capability, and the app supports SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online and Office 365. You can also view and edit a myriad of document types including images, PDF’s and videos. Another neat feature is Dropbox integration, allowing for quick and painless SharePoint document list and library transfers.

Filamente was recently updated and the developers promise more enhancements coming soon. Having used SharePoint in a corporate setting, as well as having used various file sharing programs and app; I can appreciate Filamente. However, the natural drawback is the price point of $12.99. While Filamente can be seen by many as cost prohibitive by many, those of you who use SharePoint frequently will find this extremely useful as the only game in town.


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Filamente allows you to handle SharePoint tasks that you cannot do using a regular web browser on an iPad or iPhone.

File Upload to SharePoint:

  • Send a document from other applications such as Mail using “Open In…” to Filamente, and upload documents to your SharePoint site.
  • Upload any photos, videos or documents to your SharePoint site

Editing and Offline Browsing:

  • Register multiple SharePoint sites and subsites
  • Browse sites, subsites, document libraries and lists even when you do not have an internet connection
  • Create, Open, Edit and Delete a SharePoint data
  • Search, sort and filter SharePoint data and change SharePoint views
  • Easy email of SharePoint contents
  • Upload files from Dropbox to SharePoint document libraries and list


  • Boost productivity by making a SharePoint list and data as a Favorite
  • Have an aggregated view of Favorite data from multiple SharePoint sites and subsites

View Documents:

  • View documents – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Text, and picture formats
  • “Open-In…” to send docs to 3rd party apps

See All Your Sites:

  • Multiple SharePoint sites and subsites
  • Supports self-signed SSL certificates
  • Supports SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online
  • Supports Office 365
  • Secure access over HTTPS with username and password
  • Forms Based Authentication support
  • Microsoft ISA and UAG Server support

Stay tuned, because we’re always developing something new for Filamente.

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Feature request:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPhone App:
Filamente - SharePoint Client - Aircreek, Inc.

iPad App:
Filamente - SharePoint Client - Aircreek, Inc.

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