Field Agent is an iPhone App that Pays You


Field Agent is the App that Pays You

Make Money with Your iPhone!

Field Agent is an iPhone app that lets you make money on the go.  If you’re tired of looking for jobs or need some extra spending cash, Field Agent iPhone app will help you find mystery shopping jobs around your area and pay you for it. The app connects you to jobs that match your skills and shows you jobs that are available based on your skills.

Users have to create an account with Field Agent first and complete a user profile before they can start making money. Your profile is a way for the app to collect as much detailed information about you as possible in order to find jobs you are capable of doing. You are asked to fill out information such as your age, gender, education level, income level and a list of shopping locations you frequently visit.

Once your profile is completed the app automatically searches for jobs based on your location or around a specific postal code. You can specify the search radius for your results and set your job priority i.e whether you want the app to filter job results based on amount paid or based on distance from location.

If there are jobs available in your area, the app will notify you about the opening and you can choose to accept or decline the job offer. You are given only two hours to complete the job once you select it. Most of the jobs you get won’t take you more than an hour to complete and have very easy requirements so you won’t notice the time limit in most cases. After a job has been completed it goes under review and you get paid once your job passes the review. Payment usually takes 2-3 days to be processed after which you can deposit your earnings into your PayPal account.

Every job you complete will increase your agent score which will make more high paying jobs available to you. You can earn a pretty decent income from the jobs you completer however don’t expect this app to pay your bills as the starting payout for each job is usually between $2 to $6 dollars, although you will find some rare jobs that will pay you more than $10 for completing a task. 

Overall, this app is highly recommended for anyone looking to make some quick and easy money. The app works with the iPhone and is free to download from iTunes.

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