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An interesting thought: we buy all these things to attain happiness, but we haven’t yet seen an application that is dedicated solely to bring us this happiness we are looking for. Is this even possible, an application that can turn our worst days around by bringing us much-needed good vibes?

Developer 10 Good Ideas has come up with another good idea to combat those occasional dark days. Their new offering, Feel-Better, is a diary-type application that is designed to help iPhone users lift their mood.

Basically, Feel-Better lets you log your emotions in a journal inside the application. What’s great is that they provide users with around 18 of the most fundamental emotions so you can properly categorize how your day went. The given emotions even have brief descriptions, so your entries would be more accurate.

You can elaborate a little bit on your day as well. Why were you happy yesterday? What made that particular day last week peaceful? In the future, having the whole story may be useful as you try finding thoughts that may cheer you up. You may even attach photos and music to your entries, to enhance the mood you are trying to convey. Also, sharing your entries with your Facebook friends is possible from the app.

For those days when you feel down, Feel-Better makes it easier for you to focus on the positive feelings. The playback portion will present a slideshow consisting of your happy entries to boost your mood.

The appearance of the application is tidy and straightforward. There is nothing particularly special about it, but it is definitely functional. It certainly keeps to its positive theme, with happy graphics in the background and a perky color scheme. The application seems to be geared more to girls in this sense—the pinks and purples may not appeal to guys as much.

Feel-Better is available at the App Store for $1.99. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iTunes Description
Feel better is the best way of remembering emotions, keeping a diary, reviewing your life as movie, and helping yourself when you feel down.

The app allows you to record your EMOTIONAL STATES with a choice of emotions and add multimedia content (videos, pictures, music, links), notes and tags to create an EMOTIONAL DIARY to review as a MOVIE. When you Feel down the Self Help will cheer you up showing a movie made with your positive states.

'Positive emotions can support the happiness of the individual' – Feel Better is loosely based to the positive psychology

– Customize the 18 main Emotions adding multimedia content
– Record your emotional states at any time adding videos, pictures, music, links, notes and tags
– With Playback you can create movies with your emotional diary
– With Self Help you can create movies with your positive emotions
– Use Calendar to show your past emotional states
– Post your states on Facebook, if you want to share your emotions with your friends

Coming soon
– Charts
– Map
– Export your movies on YouTube!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPhone App:
Feel-Better - 10 Good Ideas

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