Face Bender – Warp, twist, stretch & bend faces!

Face Bender - Warp, twist, stretch & bend faces!

Face Bender - Warp, twist, stretch & bend faces!

AppDictions App Review
I seriously wasted hours of productive work time on this app! Straight forward and lots of fun, the opening screen allows your choice of victim to be a male or female face, or choose an image from your Photo Albums. With a swipe of the finger you get to skew and distort someone’s face to resemble the pictures from the movie The Ring!

The highlight of the app for me is the stickers which you place on top of existing images.  Select an image from your camera roll or photo album and let the fun begin. The sticker gallery provides 15 categories of images or icons which act as overlays allowing you to dress up an image. Choose from hats, glasses, mustaches, wounds (a little creepy) and many others. I turned my sister into a pirate with a nose ring, and my cat into a soldier!

There are some Photoshop similar function like resizing, moving the stacked order of the stickers and even undo. Even if you are not familiar with image editing software, you will find this intuitive. Once you are complete with your masterpiece, you can save and email or text for your victims to see.
This is an absolute blast and worth far more than the dollar NHI Games charges.

iTunes Description
Warp, twist, stretch faces, adding awesome eyes, hats and other add-ons to your camera roll pictures.  Face Bender lets you create amazing pictures to show your friends and family.  You will be amazed at what you can create and share.

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Key Features:

  • Warp your images in any direction
  • Snap work in progress to lock in work
  • Undo your last change
  • Add funny noses, glasses, hats, ears, beards, robot parts, tattoos, scars.
  • Save images back to camera roll to upload or send

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPhone App:
Face Bender - Warp, twist, stretch & bend faces! - NHIGames LLC

iPad App:
Face Bender HD - NHIGames LLC

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