EyeSeeU HD – App Review

EyeSeeU HD - App Review

EyeSeeU HD - App Review

AppDictions App Review
View live streaming surveillance video from your iPad with EyeSeeU HD!  As long as you have an IP Address hooked into your surveillance camera, you can enter that address into the EyeSeeU interface to view that camera and up to 5 others at the same time.  Control PTZ parameters (such as pan up, down, left, or right), and actions parameters (person, car, movement, etc.).  If your camera does not support MJPEG protocol, still images can still be relayed at specified intervals.  Although we couldn’t try adding our own camera feeds (since we don’t have any), EyeSeeU offers you picturesque live video fees from Stadtverwaltung, Amberg, Soltorget Pajala, Sweden, and the El Marques Palace in Madrid; as well as still images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.  It should be pointed out that while EyeSeeU is titled “HD”, the video camera feeds included are far from the quality of an EarthCam video feed.  However, since we could not add our own feed, we can neither confirm or deny what your video feed quality will be like.  Take surveillance to the next level with EyeSeeU HD!


iTunes Description
EyeSeeU-HD is the IPad version of the great IPhone app EyeSeeU

It changes your IPad into a real video surveillance monitoring system.

You can add as many video cameras as you want, private or public: a simple address is needed.

Live video streaming using MJPEG technology
Simple still image refreshing for any IP Video Cameras that doesn’t support MJPEG protocol

Direct access to the IP Video Camera, no needs of any third-party application.

Portrait and landscape display.

Possible to save a picture from the current video camera displayed in your IPhone/IPod.

It’s also possible to zoom in/out the current video camera displayed (digital zoom).

Up to 6 video cameras viewed at the same time

PTZ supported

Generic actions that can be configured:

  • trigger an alarm
  • switch on/off a light (using camera relays)
  •  etc…

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPad Version
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iPhone Version
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