Escape from NOM – App Review

Escape from NOM - App Review

Escape from NOM - App Review

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“The graphics and sound effects are great! Lots of bright colours and easily to control blobs.”
– RazorianFly 4.5/5

Meet Alan – a cute little blob of a guy who needs your help to ESCAPE FROM NOM! Problem is, you’ll need to safely guide Alan through a bunch of hungry NOMS who happen to have an appetite for cute little blobs named Alan. What’s a NOM? A NOM is a large, lazy blob with bad teeth and even worse breath. Push Alan off the ledge at the top of your screen down to the pool of colored goo at the bottom without coming into contact with any nasty NOMS. The CATCH: Alan MUST be the same color as the colored goo when he lands there, or he’ll become a slimy splattered mess! Use the bumpers that can change Alan’s color and allow him to safely enter the pool and ESCAPE FROM NOM!


  • The unique puzzle adventure that oozes personality
  • Super-simple touch controls to guide Alan to safety
  • 3 FREE gooey, rainbow-laced worlds each with 10 progressively challenging levels. Download 2 additional worlds with more coming soon!
  • Place color-changing bumpers, bouncy barriers and transporter vortexes to help Alan avoid the NOMS and safely enter the pool of goo
  • Try your hand at designing your own ESCAPE – Use the LEVEL EDITOR to create your own puzzles then upload your levels for others to try your challenge

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