Enjoy Tons of Great Word Searches and Fun in the App Word Search Gold

Enjoy Tons of Great Word Searches and Fun in the App Word Search Gold

Enjoy Tons of Great Word Searches and Fun in the App Word Search Gold

Word Search Gold is an application that gives users tons of great themed word searches to play through. With multiple difficulty levels, a 24 hour online scoreboard and tons of great themes to choose from there is plenty of fun for everyone.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. From here users can either click to start or share the news about the app on Facebook and Twitter. The app features lots of high quality graphics and it only helps make the user experience that much better for every player. There are tons of words from lots of categories awaiting in each game. To get started all players must do is hit the start button.

Puzzles have been around for quite some time and word searches have been amongst some of the most popular. Thanks to the app Word Search Gold you can enjoy having a great word search to solve right in your pocket with you all the time. After hitting start users are instantly dropped into a great themed word search. The board is shown in the middle of the screen with the list of words you’re looking for directly below it. Buttons to check out hints, start a new game and access the main menu lie on the bottom of the screen. Race against the clock as you play and track your time thanks to the timer in the bottom left hand corner. To play all players must do is look at the board of letters in the middle of the screen. Referring to the words placed below it all players must find within the board of jumbled letters the words set aside. When you think you’ve found a word simply hold the first letter and drag your finger towards the last. When you’ve correctly found the word it is crossed off the list and players can move towards finding the next.

Making Word Search Gold so much better than other puzzle applications is the ability it gives players to customize their own experiences. From the settings menu players can do a multitude of different things. Change your theme from the jungle, christmas and even more. Change your word lists from english to animals, the city and other great options for a fun challenge. Players can even change the difficulty of their word searches if they’d like. With tons of available options this is an app you’ll definitely want to check out.

Download a great game and have fun competing to get the best scores. Find all of the words in every puzzle, extend your vocabulary and so much more. Word Search Gold is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

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