English-Spanish Unabridged – App Review

English-Spanish Unabridged - App Review

English-Spanish Unabridged - App Review

AppDictions App Review
It is because of apps like Word Magic Unabridged English & Spanish Dictionary that the iPhone and iPad are transforming education.  With over 950,000 entries from a number of different dictionaries and technical glossaries, it is almost impossible to search for a word that isn’t included in this app!  Every word or phrase is fully searchable in both English and Spanish, including proper names.  Once you select the word you are searching for, Word Magic displays not only the definition, but also synonyms, antonyms, examples, pictures, quotes, and translations.  In most cases, the word, definition, and examples can be read allowed with an internet connection.  You can save your favorite words, view the history of what words you’ve looked up, and scan for phrases or things that have the searched word in it (example: search for “Sheen” and get the definition.  Scan for “Sheen” and you will see everything related, like “Charlie Sheen”).  This dictionary is not only great for students, it is also very useful in a variety of industries like healthcare, engineering, legal, utilities and so much more with a vast number of technical terms specific to these industries.  Word Magic has built one of the best comprehensive dictionary apps – don’t wait any longer and grab it while it’s on sale!


iTunes Description
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Featured by Apple in “New & Noteworthy” in USA, UK and Argentina. With voice in English and Spanish! Beyond any doubt, the largest Polytechnical Translation Dictionary in the market. Over 950,000 entries; over 1,600,000 translations and 2,100,000 synonyms. Internet connection required only for pronunciation and pictures.


  • Includes ALL terms included in our General, Legal, Business and Medical dictionaries.
  • More than an Unabridged Dictionary, this application is an unparalleled compendium of several regular dictionaries, idiom & colloquial dictionaries, proverb dictionaries, foreign-word dictionaries plus a gigantic collection of technical glossaries on subjects such as Law, Business, Finance, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Pathology, Anatomy, Navigation, Agronomy, Botany, Zoology, Architecture, Mechanics, Electricity and many, many more technical areas.
  • Besides the general field as outlined above, this Dictionary affords subclassifications by specific attributes. For instance, in Botany each word is subclassified as “tree”, “plant”, “fruit”, “flower”, “plant parts”, “plant diseases”, etc. Mechanics has subcategories such as “tool”, “machine”, “implements”, etc.
  • More than 66,000 color pictures help identify word meanings and context. * [Int]
  • Here are some examples of actual word count for this Unabridged version:
    • 20,189 names of diseases, with corresponding translations
    • 2,128 different types of viruses & translations
    • 7,180 names of anatomic human-body names & translations
    • 640 bird names & translations
    • 1,332 fish names & translations
    • 1,917 names of foods and dishes around the world & translations
    • 8,248 names of famous historic characters
    • 13,100 famous people of today in arts, movies, sports, politics, etc.
    • 10,672 geographical names, cites, countries, nationalities, etc.
    • 4,255 names of the largest corporations in the US and Europe
    • 3,322 names of the largest universities in the US and Europe
  • Thousands of medical and botanical equivalencies in Latin.
  • More than 1,600,000 translations.
  • More than 2,100,000 synonyms.
  • Luxurious leather-like interface. *
  • Innovative “Scan Function” for exhaustive search of related concepts. A most useful function capable of displaying a list, for instance, of all terms and phrases related to “disease”. (864 displayed results for this term only). You can, in turn, tap each individual result to look it up. Ideal, unique-in-its-kind functionality for students. *
  • Word definitions in both languages at the same time. Note: Not all technical entries have definitions in the current version. Coming up in future ones.
  • Full pronunciation of entries, examples and definitions in both languages. [Int]
  • Clear-cut meaning identification using our “Descriptive Meaning Tag” on each entry.
  • Grammar attributes and notes on each entry.
  • Covers International, European, Latin American and Mexican Spanish.
  • Covers American and British English. *
  • Shake for random word display.
  • Search History.
  • Mark Favorite Words.
  • Intelligent language recognition. Enter Spanish Word and it shifts to Spanish. *
  • Its user-friendly, intuitive design uses minimum possible number of taps.
  • Captions in English or Spanish determined by device default language.
  • Last but not least, another unique feature of Word Magic Dictionaries: Each idiom, each proverb, each compound verb or set phrase is treated as an independent searchable entry with its own translations, synonyms, antonyms, examples and linguistic attributes. You can use the regular Search Function or, if you are in for a true overabundance, use Word Magic’s brand-new feature: the Scan Function. *

* = These features are unique to WM Dictionaries.
[Int] = These features require Internet connection.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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