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In this day and age, sharing things online can be hazardous—not to one’s health, but to one’s dignity. Sure, it is easy to update your friends about everything happening to you, but it is also easier to get hacked as well. Do you want all your private photos popping all over the web? Or even just in a stranger’s PC?

Fortunately, app developers have been working tirelessly to provide tools to address this plight. Light Paint Pro in particular has succeeded in giving us a way to share without oversharing—Encrypt A Pic, their brand new app offering.

The goal is clear: to give back to the people their privacy. Now, everyone can feel safe in passing any image to a friend. Encrypt A Pic gives back the meaning of “for your eyes only” since it is really a viable way to assure just that.

What is even more incredible is that it is so simple. The first step is to import or take a photo with the iPhone camera. Next, set a 4-digit combination that’s particular to the image (make sure you can remember it). Slide to lock the image, and voila, your photograph is now safe and sound. To share with trusted pals, just email them the picture. No one can open it now, unless with your password. Conveniently, there is also a way to undo the encryption. Just move the slider back to “Unlock Image” and you’re home free.

This is a cool app, and it does not even skimp on the interface. It is sleek and straightforward. The combination even looks like a real lock, so it is appealing to the eyes as much as it is functional.

To get this free application, simply visit the App Store.

iTunes Description
– Share Images Safely!
– Securely save and send your image without anyone knowing its secrets.

Have you ever wanted to send an image to a friend but did not want others to see it? Have you ever wanted to save images to your Camera Roll without the risk of others seeing them? Now you can with Encrypt A Pic.

Encrypt A Pic lets you hide a photo with 3 simple steps.
1. Import or take a photo.
2. Set your 4-digit combination
3. Move the slider to "Lock Image." Yes it it that easy: Just Encrypt A Pic with a Flick!

-Your image is now encrypted. Once an image is encrypted, you can save it to your Camera Roll or email it to a friend.

Decrypting an image is just as simple.
1. Import an encrypted image from your Camera Roll.
2. Set the 4-digit combination.
3. Move the slider to "Unlock Image."
-Your image is now decrypted.

FREE App features:
1. Free Decrypting of encrypted photos.
2. Import images from Camera Roll and see them being encrypted.
3. Import images from Camera Roll and see them being decrypted.
4. Take Photos with in the app.
5. Set a Combination to secure your photos.
6. Auto detect encrypted images.
7. Simple to use user interface.

UPGRADED App features:
1. Save an Encrypt a Pic to your Camera Roll.
2. Emails your Encrypt a Pic to a friend.

If you send an Encrypt a Pic image to friends, they can Decrypt a Pic it and view it using the free app.

1. The max width and height of an image for this app is 1000px. If your image is larger or smaller than 1000px by 1000px, this app will scale it to fit within this size. We hope to support larger sizes in in upcoming releases.

2. If you try to alter an image while it is encrypted you may not be able to decrypt it later. This includes changing the size, cropping, or color correction. You have to send an encrypted image at "actual size" or full-size when emailing and texting it.

This app is intended for appropriate recreational purposes. We are not responsible for miss use of the App or any other trouble you might get in.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
Encrypt A Pic - Light Paint Pro

iPad App:
Encrypt A Pic - Light Paint Pro

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