eMailGanizer Pro – App Review

eMailGanizer Pro - App Review

eMailGanizer Pro - App Review

AppDictions App Review
The number of daily emails we receive seems to grow and grow.  Between work or school, friends, family, bills, and junk mail, how are you expected to keep track of it all?  If this sounds like you, then the new GoodHumans app, eMailGanizer Pro, is for you!  eMailGanizer, available as both a free app and a Pro version, intuitively organizes your emails into folders that you create so that you can find your read emails in seconds, not minutes!  After you have read an email, eMailGanizer Pro will provide you with a few options of folders that it believes your email should be filed in.  If you don’t agree with the options, simply press the “more” option and select from other folders.  If you decide that your current method of filing isn’t working for you, simply shake your device and undo your filing actions.  eMailGanizer even integrates with your iPhone calendar and other task managers.  Unclutter your email inbox with eMailGanizer Pro!


iTunes Description
iPhone Email Has Never Been Smarter! Introducing eMailGanizer, an intelligent email program that not only gives you all the controls you need for receiving and sending emails, but learns your email filing behaviors and provides the most logical filing choices right on your iPhone! Now you’ll be able to file emails in seconds, instead of minutes! If you keep emails organized in dozens if not hundreds of folders, it’s time to get eMailGanized!

If you keep your emails organized in a large number of folders, you know that managing and organizing the sheer volume of messages will kill your time and productivity.

Why do YOU need eMailGanizer?

  • File emails in seconds instead of minutes
  • Quick-file mode to file multiple emails at once
  • Shake to undo filing actions
  • Offline full-text email search
  • Add emails and events directly to iPhone Calendar
  • Integration with ToodleDo and other GTD & task managers
  • Search folder names when browsing or filing
  • View active email folders separately from reference folders
  • Mark folders as Favorites for priority access
  • One-tap to scroll to bottom or middle of folder list
  • Off-line filing for later synchronization with mail server

eMailGanizer is ideal for:

  • Sales professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Managers
  • GTD (“Getting Things Done”) practitioners
  • Power email users
  • Executives
  • Money managers
  • IT professionals / Software developers
  • Meticulous organizers
  • Anybody with dozens, if not hundreds, of email folders

eMailGanizer makes the process of filing emails on your iPhone quicker and easier by showing you the folders in order of relevance to the current email and letting you get it filed with a couple of clicks. For even faster filing, eMailGanizer also has a batch filing option accessible through its ‘Quick-File’ tab.

If you’re ready for a smarter way to handle email viewed on your iPhone, then Get eMailGanized today!


  • eMailGanizer requires an IMAP email account.
  • eMailGanizer does NOT work with Hotmail accounts.
  • eMailGanizer will work fine with gmail and most exchange servers

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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