Elliana App Review

Elliana App Review

Elliana App Review

AppDictions App Review
Elliana is a children’s’ interactive story book which really emphasizes the word interactive.  Developer Pub L Studio Inc. has done a great job with this iPad app, and Elliana may be the most interactive story book we’ve seen to date.

The story which is written by Haewon Lee and Mana Kim, Mana also gets credit for the brilliant graphics and illustrations, follows the story of an inquisitive child named Nico who wonders about his neighbor Elliana. Elliana herself is on a journey to find her parents. This story is filled with family oriented values with plenty of encouragement for children to explore items along the way. In addition there are puzzles which pop up that need to be completed in order to continue.

Elliana can be read straight through without the interactions – which we highly recommend – and we can also choose the “Decorate with Stickers” tab, allowing us to place images or stickers, which act like layers a la Photoshop, where children place the stickers on the virtual wall. This is another neat feature and sure beats the kids writing on a physical wall!

Priced right at $2.99, Elliana plays out more like a short film rather than an e-book, with a great storyline filled with solid morals and plenty of interaction for children.

iTunes Description
‘Elliana’ is a versatile interactive application/book for Apple iPad, with which young children (age 3-10), together with their parents, can enjoy the fascinating story, touch and interact with the characters and visual objects in the story, and even play interesting games with them!

‘Elliana’ unfolds a story of dream, hope, and adventure, starting from a young boy’s curiosity toward a neighbor on the next door. This story will spark the imagination of our children and help them learn the importance of family, friends, and neighborhood.

Main features

Touch and play: Touch and play with the characters while reading and listening to the interesting story.

Just read: You can simply read the story with other features being inactive.

Decorate with stickers: Play and decorate a room with various stickers of ‘Elliana’

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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