Elasticam a Awesome Photo Manipulation iPhone and iPad App


Elasticam a Awesome Photo Manipulation iPhone and iPad App

Elasticam iPhone and iPad App Makes Boring Photos More Exciting 

Elisticam is a photo manipulator app for iPhone that allows you to stretch, squeeze and share your photos. The app will transform your boring photos into fun versions you can use to brighten up someone’s day or decorate your screen. With a flexible interface and touch-and-see editing, this is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking for a photo editing app for their iOS device.

Elisticam comes with 7 photo editing tools that can be used to alter your images in a variety of ways. There is a hand tool which acts as your pointer to guide the app on the areas you want to apply effects, a shrink tool that pinches the area of an image around your finger, an expand tool that creates a magnifying effect, an undo and redo tool and a brush selector.

To edit your photos you can either upload them from your photo library or take a photo by tapping on the camera button on the top left. The effects intensity can be increased or decreased by selecting the brush tool which gives you the option to select the size and strength of your brush stroke. Once you’ve finished editing your photos you can save them to your photo library or share them.


Elasticam app has a clean design with small icons to access all of the features and photo effects. The minimalist design strikes a balance between form and function. It allows you to focus on the details of your image without any distractions and gives you greater control during the editing stage. The interface is also very responsive-moving to different pages is done effortlessly and the effects are applied instantly as you tap on different parts of your photo. The overall design creates a very fluid user experience that won’t take you more than a few minutes to get used to.

This app can be used by anyone and doesn’t require any special skills whatsoever. The plug and play features mean that you can start using this app to full effect even if you’ve never touched a photo editing app before.

Elasticam is a fun app to have if you’re the type of person who loves editing photos. Elasticam will give you a quick and easy way to play around with your images and share them with your friends. With that said if you’re looking for something to create realistic photo effects or image correction then this might not be the best app for the job.

Elasticam is free to download from iTunes and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

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Elasticam - Smear Squeeze Share - Lucky ClanElasticam - Smear Squeeze Share - Lucky Clan ★★★★☆
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