El Qubador is a Challenging Puzzle Game for iPhone

El Qubador is a Challenging Puzzle Game for iPhone

El Qubador is a Challenging Puzzle Game for iPhone

Challenge Your Brain in El Qubador iPhone Puzzle Game App

El Qubador is a challenging puzzle game for iPhone in which players have to maneuver “qubes” on a grid to collect the “qubaroos”, a stylized Spanish term referring to a special kind of sea creature. As you race against the clock, you have to collect as many qubaroos as possible to gain points and unlock a variety of achievements.

The game mostly revolves around you flipping a 3d block with different colors on each side to try and match the color of the quabaroos on the board. When the color of the cube is matched you are awarded points which are shown on the top right corner of the screen and are penalized for every color that’s mismatched on the board.

By swiping your finger across the screen you can choose the color of the cube as well as move it to different spots on the board. The quabaroos are continuously populated until the timer runs out so not only do you have to be quick in figuring out how to align the different colors but you also have to make sure you don’t land on the wrong color.

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There are also a set of goals you have to complete to unlock achievements to your game center account. These include things such as playing for a certain amount of time and unlocking different colored tokens. Completing goals also allows you to unlock different levels from the main menu and gives you an edge over other players on the leaderboard.

The game’s overall design is vibrant, with crisp graphics used to animate the different gestures as you play. From the main menu you can also access different types of help guides including an online gameplay guide which provides an assortment of helpful resources where you can learn more about how to play the game.

Overall this is a good puzzle game app if you’re looking for a new approach to problem solving on your iPhone. El Qubador costs $0.99 from the app store and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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