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Take-out is all well and good, and food delivery is even better. The only problem is that it is a bit difficult keeping track of all the numbers. When the hankering is there for a particular sort of food, it is such hassle when you find out that you have apparently lost the number—and there is no one around who has it.

This is such a common problem that app developer EAT24 finally decided to remedy the situation for everyone. Their newest offering, Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout, is one that provides information for a multitude of restaurants in the country.

Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout provides contact information for thousands of eateries—more than 20,000 in fact, in more than 750 cities. With that much information, the problem will lie more in choosing what to get among the choices being offered.

Luckily, the application also has features that will limit the choices considerably. Users can search according to area, so you won’t have to browse through those that are far and inconvenient.

If you’re craving for Chinese or pasta, Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout will be a handy tool as well. Search for a specific cuisine in your area from within the app. This is a pretty convenient feature, especially when users want something in particular but aren’t well-versed in restaurants nearby.

Once you’ve decided which one to order from, the rest of the process is a breeze. Simply key in details, order and wait for it to arrive. There is a 24/7 chat feature that allows you to keep track of your food, and even bring up complaints about the service through the chat.

Other wonderful features include a favorites section, securely saving the credit card numbers, and coupons.

The interface is incredibly easy to navigate. It goes so well with the iDevice interface, actually. It is sleek and well-designed, generally quality execution for such a functional application.

Check out this application for free at the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iTunes Description
Your iPhone can now feed you. No, your phone hasn’t learned to cook but you won’t have to either, thanks to the free, easy-to-use Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout app.

Order food delivery from over 20,000 restaurants in 750+ cities, with more being added each day. Search from wherever you are, or wherever you’re going to be when you’re ready for some food. The Eat24 app remembers your preferences, which saves you time, and gives you coupons on a regular basis, which saves you money.

What can our app do?

– Search for specific cuisines, restaurants…even particular dishes.

– In unfamiliar territory? Search by your current location, order, and the Eat24 app will have it waiting (well, really the restaurant will, but you get the idea).

– Like to play favorites? We understand completely (Mom always liked us best). The Eat24 app lets you save your favorite restaurants so you can find them more easily next time.

– Do you enjoy entering your credit card numbers over and over again? That’s a rhetorical question, no one does. Which is why the Eat24 app securely stores your payment information for you.

– 24/7 Live chat and order status support. If it isn’t right, we’ll make it right. No robots, no problem.

– Cash back for future orders through our CashCoupon rewards system.

– Exclusive offers and content through our Eat24 VIP program.

Best of all, once your order’s in, Eat24 handles every aspect of the delivery experience. Which means no more screwed-up orders. No more wondering where the delivery driver is. Just the ability to take back a few precious minutes of your day and enjoy. Something not quite right? Hit up our 24/7 Live Support within the app and chat with a real human being about any issue or question you may have. We’ll make things right.

Tap, Relax and Enjoy with the Eat24 app.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout - EAT24

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