EasyChinese K1 – App Review

EasyChinese K1 - App Review

EasyChinese K1 - App Review

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EasyChinese K1 is an educational app geared towards kids – kids of all ages!  If you’re interested in learning the complex Chinese language this app can help you begin to do so at your own pace, lesson by lesson.  In its “learning” feature start by being introduced to a group of Chinese characters in steps. You’re presented with each character , one at a time and given options to listen to how it is pronounced, what the meaning is, and how to step by step write the character using touch screen animation.   Better be sure to take your time mastering each character before entering the “assessing” feature!  In this area of the app get ready to test your beginner skills!  You’ll be quizzed and required to pass each lesson to advance to the next level. Complete a level successfully and advance to the next group of characters – fail and its back to the “learning” stage to practice, practice, practice!!  The EasyChinese K1 app is well designed to help make the beginning steps to learning this unique language fun and interactive.  Even though this app is advertised and developed with children in mind it’s a very helpful tool for any age group to help grasp the language basics and develop the skills needed to take your learning to the next level! 


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Price for this weekend: 1.99$, (original price: 3.99$).

We focus on “learning” and “enquiring learning outcome”, not just run on “teaching” and “telling something”.

The series products of EasyChinese are cooperatively developed by PHD of education and professional user experience designer of education products. The major functions are as follows.
1. Help learner to learn Chinese characters by listening and practicing repeatly, i.e. help the learners to identify the characters through distinguishing their pronunciation.
2. Evoke learner’s learning interests through incentive programs such as games, tailor-made feedback to the users’ quiz.
3. Facilitate learner’s learning by demonstrating the pronunciation, strokes, meaning, writing, and wording of each Chinese character.

EasyChinese K1 includes 400 most frequent characters in total. The characters are presented in 20 levels, each level of 20 characters.
The selection of characters included in K1 makes reference to the lists of new words in the PEP’s handbook of 1st semester Grade 1.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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