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Most (if not all) parents, teachers and observers nowadays agree that it’s preferable to begin teaching children basic knowledge at an early age. It makes sense – kids who get a head start in learning, eventually find themselves ahead of their peers.

And now ChildUp has come up with an application that makes sure none of our tots get left behind. Take your iPhones or iPads, and turn it into a handy educational tool with EarlyMath.

This free game (yes, you don’t have to worry about ridiculous app prices) is designed to assist kids ages 1 to 5 with counting and basic arithmetic, as well as a host of other invaluable skills such as logic, memory, language and many more.

Math is usually one of the last skills to be imparted to young children, which is maybe why so many find more complicated math problems difficult in school later on. EarlyMath practices the little ones with very basic math, with seven different levels that ensures each child is progressing steadily every day.

ChildUp makes sure this type of information overload is in no way boring for kiddies in this new application. Familiar animals displayed on the screen keep the game educational and enjoyable for everyone.

Smiling animals, large text and jaunty sound effects leave no room for doubt – this one is for the children, and the adorable, child-friendly graphics even serve to take learning a step further – get to know the different kinds of animals with an interesting trivia or two.

One particularly delightful feature of EarlyMath is how a parent’s voice can be recorded into the game, and played so that the child playing can hear his/her voice counting down numbers. I would think that this speeds up the learning process for kids, as it keeps them calm, comfortable and motivated.

Navigation and ease of play are two very important things in the consideration of kindergarten games. Fortunately, this one does not disappoint in either forte.

This one is a must-see for parents who prioritize intelligence and excellence. And well, you shouldn’t expect anything less with EarlyMath.

iTunes Description
The EarlyMath app was created to help parents and caregivers teach children from 1 to 5 years old the foundations of mathematics. By playing this game with your children, they will learn the first steps in addition, as well as the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals. With the app comes the ChildUp Early Learning Method, which provides precious information on brain development, early learning, and parenting expertise.

PURPOSE: EarlyMath was specifically designed as an educational tool for parents and caregivers to interact with their children from 1 to 5 years old. By playing with EarlyMath, your children will not only learn numbers as quantities and symbols, and the first steps in arithmetic, but they will also develop a lot of important skills: math and logic skills, learning and cognitive skills, listening and memory skills, attention and concentration skills, and language and social skills. To be efficient, however, EarlyMath should not be used by children alone. The true power of the application lies with the caring and intensive guidance of an adult spending 10 minutes a day to teach math. TEACHING MATH IS A CRITICAL TASK, THERE ARE NO WORK AROUNDS AND THE INVOLVEMENT OF AN ADULT MAKE IT MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE 🙂

EARLY MATH LEARNING: In teaching to count with EarlyMath, you can test your children through 7 levels of difficulty in 8 series of 10 different animals. The goal is for your children to learn the 10 single digit numbers and to count up to 10, in counting progressively up to 3, then up to 5, and so on. You can also train your children to count in a random or incremental order, and choose when to add zero, the ‘special’ number, as part of the counting rounds.

YOUR VOICE: As children initially learn to count with their fingers, EarlyMath allows you to record your own voice, so your child hears you counting when they press on the various animals. It is most useful if you want to teach your child to count in a different language than English; but even in English, you will notice your child will enjoy hearing you count for him/her repeatedly 🙂

VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT: In addition to teaching how to count to 10, EarlyMath will let you share with your children a lot of interesting discussions about the 80 animals shown in the game (each of them being the object of a short description in the app). While playing with you, your children will – almost automatically and probably with great pleasure – discover and learn a lot of new vocabulary, and be able to recognize the real sounds of each animal.

CHILDUP EARLY LEARNING METHOD: EarlyMath includes the first part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method. The method was invented, developed, and practiced by John and Alan Debonneville, father and son, who dearly love mathematics and logic. John began to apply the principles and techniques described in the method with his son when the boy was still a baby, up until the time he was a teenager. The outcome was so positive that Alan and John thought it would be helpful for other parents to know about this successful early learning and teaching experience. The ChildUp Early Learning Method provides practical information from real-life situations and families, backed up by leading scientific research from the past 10 years. It presents some new concepts related to early childhood education where parents can play a critical role as both mentor and teacher to their children’s greatest benefit.

CHILDUP COMMUNITY: To learn more about the practical uses of EarlyMath by parents from all over the world, check out the ChildUp Community. You can get new parenting tips, read testimonials, watch videos and more! Visit www.childup.com/CELT.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

iPhone App:
EarlyMath - Raise a Math Genius - ChildUp Ltd

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EarlyMath - Raise a Math Genius - ChildUp Ltd

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