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Traveling has become so much easier in the past decade or so. However let’s face it, one of the most difficult parts of flying abroad for vacation is planning the itinerary. Being a foreigner, it is tough to figure out where to go, what to do and what to see. It would be so much more convenient to get a tour guide, but this is not always affordable. Buying a guide book is a cheap and effective way to get around high costs.

Application developers Leading Brands JLT ups the ante by coming out with a wonderful e-book travel guide called Dubai Guide 2012. This is certainly one app for the iPad that is worth buying if you are heading over to this rising tourist destination. It is more affordable than a live tour guide, and more handy and interactive than a book.

Basically a guide of all the hottest spots in Dubai, this is extremely useful for foreign travelers. You will be able to get a hold of rich insider information from the most popular dining spots to the lesser-known treasures hidden around the city. Packed full of details, users are provided a wealth of tidbits to make an informed decision where to eat, shop, party and sightsee.  Having experienced Dubai first hand, I can tell you that this metropolitan Middle Eastern city on the Persian Gulf is not to be missed. From the Burj Hotel to the Palm Islands, Dubai is a cosmopolitan center akin to Las Vegas here in the states.

Unlike books that offer limited visuals on what a place is all about, the Dubai Guide 2012 feature fun videos showcasing the best and brightest spots in the area. The videos will make visitors even more excited to explore the streets of Dubai. Not only tourists will enjoy this nifty little application, but also locals who may want to learn more about their native land.

Leading Brands is known for their top quality interface, and Dubai Guide 2012 is definitely no different. Wonderful photos showcase the beauty of Dubai, complemented with blurbs of informative but enjoyable text. It is simple to navigate, and pleasing to the eye.

Dubai Guide is available at the App Store for $1.99.

iTunes Description
Dubai 2012 is a feature-rich digital travel book for the iPad. Packed full of information about the hottest restaurants, trendiest bars and most luxurious hotels, Dubai 2012 gives savvy travellers unique insights into this bustling city through video and web features.

With Dubai fast becoming one of the world’s premier tourism, business and transit destinations, a truly useful and stylish travel guide is needed to get around this city which has limited street addresses.

The Dubai 2012 e-guide offers quick and simple navigation through hotels, dining experiences, nightlife, shopping, sightseeing and outdoor adventures, along with a map with points of interest; perfect for visitors to Dubai whether it’s for a few hours, days or weeks.

Dubai 2012 is a new generation travel guide; at the touch of button readers can watch select pop-up videos to experience local activities like a trip down the creek on an abra (tradition boat) or get a view inside a shopping mall, giving them the choice to decide where they really want to spend their time.

Not only designed for tourists, the guide offers Dubai locals a chance to explore restaurants and attractions that are slightly off the beaten track. Showing expats and locals that there are plenty of options to explore other than the usual places and giving a fresh perceptive to readers which live in the U.A.E.

Dubai is a city that is known for its fast pace of life and Dubai 2012 captures this energy through its use of videos showing the city in motion. Embedded hyperlinks in the travel guide make it an invaluable tool for visitors to easily plan and book many of the exciting activities Dubai has to offer. Dubai 2012 will be updated with the latest in locally filmed and promotional videos so that readers will always have a view into the city.

Important note: When you purchase this guide, the initial download is about 6 MB. The first time that you run the app, it will download all the remaining content, which is about 265 MB for the iPad and iPad2, and 450MB for the New iPad (retina).

Optimised for iPad (1024×768) and new iPad (2048×1536) – our app will automatically determine which iPad you have.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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Dubai Guide 2012 - Leading Brands JLT

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