Drain Your Brain in Brain Drain Tap iOS Puzzle Game App


Drain Your Brain in Brain Drain Tap iPhone Puzzle Game App

Brain Drain is a Challenging iPad and iPhone Puzzle Game App That Tests Your Skills

Brain Drain is a iPad and iPhone puzzle game app that will push your brain to its limit with challenging mazes designed to test your problem solving and coordination skills. Think you’re smart enough to make it through every level? Well, it’s time to find out in one of the most difficult ios maze games you’ll ever play.

Your objective is to navigate the ball from one side of the maze to the other without touching the white sections of each the level. While this sounds simple enough, you’ll soon realize that there’s more than meets the eye as each level becomes increasingly difficult the more you play. By the time you get to the third maze you’ll be facing moving obstacles and have to squeeze through tight corners to complete the level.

To move your ball through the maze you simply have to tap on your screen and pick the best spot to make your next move. The circle in each level shows where the ball has to land and if you happen to touch the white sections anytime during the game you’ll have to restart the level. To make things even harder, the number of times you can restart is limited by how many lives you have which by default is three. After using up all your lives you’ll be moved back one level each time you mess up.

The game’s design is nothing too fancy – most of the game is in black and white which gives the impression that this was designed by someone who’s obviously a fan of 80s arcade games. There’s also custom ambient soundtrack intended to get you in “focus” mode as you play through each level. Unfortunately there’s no option to turn the music on or off  or even play your own using your device’s multitask – so you’re stuck listening to the game soundtrack unless of course you turn down your device’s volume altogether.

Maze game apps typically aren’t designed to be easy and this is game is no exception to the rule. The majority of your time will be spent either feeling frustrated and really dumb with intense moments of joy when you finally get through difficult levels.

Overall this is a great app if you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game to play in your free time. Despite only being 18 levels long, this game is packed with hours of gameplay – you’ll be lucky to get through half of the levels without giving up. BrainDrain costs $0.99 from iTunes and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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