Download Free Music, Videos and Live Concerts to Your iOS Device


Download Free Music, Videos and Live Concerts to Your iOS Device

Downloading Free Music, Videos and Concerts Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Free Music Download Pro+ is a music downloading ios app that allows you to legally download free mp3s from around the web. The app uses a browser based music search platform to connect you to popular digital audio download services and download music straight to your iPhone or iPad music library.

You can connect to services such as,, Live Music Archive, Audio Archive and The app gives you instructions about how to download free music from these services and save them to your device.

The app doesn’t have a music library of its own so you’ll have to rely solely on the music databases of external services to find your mp3 downloads. You’ll find a fairly decent collection of songs from a wide range of genres however some sites will have more updated music libraries than others which will make finding recent songs somewhat of an inconvenience on this app.

In addition to being able to download songs, you can also import your entire music library from your device and sync it into the app. This has a few benefits, for one you can listen to your music while browsing through mp3 downloads without having to switch back and forth between the app and your music app and two there are some extra features added to the app’s music player that make your music listening experience a little better.

There is a built in equalizer that gives you the option to select presets to adjust the sound of your music, a lyrics finder that searches for your song’s lyrics and displays them as the song plays, and a sleep timer which lets you set how long you want your music to play for. The music player also has a full screen mode that displays the album art of your music in full screen and an option to post what you’re playing on Facebook and Twittter.

Although it’s far from perfect free music download pro + is an app that will still provide you with the essential features needed to download music on your ios device. The music player is the best part of the app and the music download feature still needs a bit of tweaking. The developers should consider improving the interface and making searching for music more intuitive across all music sites.

Free Music Download Pro+ is $0.99 from iTunes and is available for download on the iPhone and iPad.

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Free Music Download Pro Plus - Free Music Downloader and Player - ASPS AppsFree Music Download Pro Plus - Free Music Downloader and Player - ASPS AppsFree Music Download Pro Plus - Free Music Downloader and Player - ASPS Apps ★★★★½
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