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With Doodle Tales, we got a soon-to-be hot off the presses, story making app destined to make children and parents smile.  Doodle Tales is brought to us from europress and renowned developer Extra Mile Studios.

Doodle Tales takes your standard drawing app a step further and allows you to combine illustrations with voice recording to form a fully function story, or “tale.” Utilizing standard drawing tools such as brushes of assorted textures and patterns and stamps (similar items in other apps are referred to as stickers) Pre-installed is a few cute stamps, with many others available through future updates or immediately via in-app purchase. What differentiates Doodle Tales from other story making app wannabee’s are advanced features such a voice recording for narration along with some advanced drawing and designing tools like the zoom feature.

There are more than adequate tools to develop a sound story. The controls are plenty, though are fairly intuitive. If any of this is confusing, you may view the video tutorials which are available through YouTube. Fortunately helpful reminders abound in this app, making sure users stay on course.

It may also benefit the user to create a profile. Creating a profile is a breeze and this allows you to share your Doodle Tales creation with the app’s community. We have always been a fan of any developer who recognizes the power of the user, one who fosters a community based around a creative application. Along with the app community, email and Facebook are other methods of sharing and collaborating.

The only hiccups experienced occurred when trying to play some of the communities’ tales. There was a pronounced lag, though this may be adjusted prior to complete launch.

Available soon, Doodle Tales will launch free of charge. Designed with children in mind, adults can appreciate and utilize Doodle Tales as well. This app is well packaged, well polished, and will be a welcome additions to children’s iDevices.

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