Dive Into Learning With Bubble Guppies Animal School Day iPad App


Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Animal School Day iPad App

A Fun New Nickelodeon Educational App for Your Kids

Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day is a Nickelodeon educational app with fun games that will help teach your child about the characteristics of various animals. Your child will be able to use this app to develop important language skills and gain a new understanding about the animal kingdom.

The app is based off the popular children’s show on nickelodeon by the same name so most kids will be able to recognize the familiar characters off the bat. The interactive interface makes it easy for children to use and each activity is selected by tapping on any of the colorful images on screen.

The app can store up to four separate player profiles which is a good feature to use if you have more than one child and only one device. Each profile contains separate save sessions which can be resumed anytime by logging into the account

There are over 40 different animals to learn about in four different games. The games can be played in any order and as many times you want. There is a game called Circle Time which is about animal attributes, Field Trip about animal habitats, Treat Shop about what animals eat and Lunch Time about what we eat. A sticker is given at the end of each game which encourages your child to interact with the app and helps reinforce everything they’ve learn.

Bubble Guppies is compatible with the iPad only and costs $6.99 from the app store. This app truly is worth the price and will prove to be beneficial for any child’s language development.

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