Discover your style and shop till you drop in the fashionable app Fabric

Discover your style and shop till you drop in the fashionable app Fabric

Discover your style and shop till you drop in the fashionable app Fabric

For some people when they look good, they feel good and sometimes that’s all you need. But whether you’re the fashion-forward type or just someone looking for something nice to wear, the app “Fabric” can help get you there. Open “Fabric” to peruse through tons of different fashion wear, all categorized by trendy hashtags. Find something you like and keep them under your own tags for later and even make purchases of what you find all in this trendy application.

After launch all users are greeted by the app’s open menu layout. From the bottom of the screen is where users can change between the home menu, the search tab, chat and their own personal profile pages. “Fabric” is an application designed with a minimalist theme making it easier to focus on the fashion and less on trying to figure out what’s going on. As soon as you open the app you’re able to get going just tap on whatever you’d like to find the perfect threads for you.

Sometimes keeping up with fashion trends can be too difficult. You normally find something you’ve seen a celebrity wearing on the internet but usually struggle to find it online for yourself. From the get-go the “home” menu on “Fabric” can help aid that everyday struggle. Hashtags like “#blackandwhite” or “#businessasusual” introduce looks you’ve seen or maybe even haven’t, there’s tons to discover. While online shopping can normally be a scattered hectic mess of miscellaneous tabs, “Fabric” puts all of your shopping in one place thanks to a giant database of products. After tapping a product you get an expanded view of how much the product is to buy, who posted it, and also an option to tag it yourself for your own profile. “Fabric” is a fresh new way to shop, be social and fashionable!

Style can be complicated but luckily apps like “Fabric” can make keeping up with your style that much easier. Keep up with what your friends like by checking out their hashtags or even chatting with them about your favorite pieces. With tons of users browse through tons of hashtags to find the latest in the fashion world. It’s fashion made easy and mobile, don’t miss out on the latest trend again.

“Fabric” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 8.0 or later.

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