Discover Arts and Social Development Games for Kids

Discover Arts and Social Development Games for Kids

Discover Arts and Social Development Games for Kids

Emotions, Feelings and Colors is an educational app for iPhone and iPad designed to prepare kindergarten and preschool children for social activities. The game will help your kids get in touch with their emotions, and learn how to paint pictures alongside a cast of lovable cast of animated characters.

The game starts off with a narration describing how you can join Poko, the main character in his adventure to discover emotions and colors. By tapping on the green couch with the stuffed animals on it, you’ll be taken to the emotions game whereas selecting the coloring table will open the painting game.

The emotions games involves your child watching a video then identifying the emotion on Poko’s face from the given options. This activity is intended to help children understand how to express their emotions as well as how to recognize the emotions of others. Each video is accompanied by a narrative that describes what’s happening and hints to make guessing the correct emotion easier.


In the coloring game players are shown a picture and have to use the paints set on the table to paint the picture as it looks. Not only does this help with your child’s color coordination skills but also helps improve hand eye coordination since it requires your child to paint within the lines in order to recreate the picture correctly.

You can track your child’s progress in both games by signing for a free account for each child you have.  You can also upgrade the app to a full version for more features and download additional content for each game. Emotions, Feelings and Colors is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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