DigitDash Action Packed iPhone and iPad Numbers Game

DigitDash Action Packed iPhone and iPad Numbers Game

DigitDash Action Packed iPhone and iPad Numbers Game

Can You Handle the Fast Pace Challenge of the DigitDash Numbers Game?

Digit Dash is a fast paced math game for iPhone and iPad that involves players adding up numbers on a grid to get the highest score. Whether you’re a parent looking for an app to help your kids get a grasp on addition or simply want to keep your brain functioning at its best every day, Digit Dash is a fun way to do all of those things.

The game contains two modes that can be selected from the main menu. These include the timed mode and Turn based mode. The Egyptian themed interface – designed to pay homage to the inventors of modern mathematics as we know it – is very easy to navigate and gives the app a very unique look that’s immediately noticeable from the moment you open it up.

Selecting the timed mode gives you 60 seconds to solve as many problems as possible by picking the numbers in the grid below so that they add up to the glowing number shown above it. The longer you play the more complex each problem becomes, sometimes requiring more than two numbers to come up with the sum.

There are also game boosts you can collect in each level by performing different combos. The game boosts items give you the ability to do things such as  refresh all cells, add 5 to 10 seconds, start with 3 bombs, use 3 Big bombs during the game, and add 1 to 3 turns every time you start a new game.

If you want to take time out of the equation you can always play the turn based game mode which works the same way as the timed mode except there’s no countdown clock. At the end of each turn in the turned based game and timed game, you’re given a badge based on how well you did as well as some coins for buying items from the game’s app store.

As mentioned before, this game can be played by anyone and can help improve your math skills over time. Digit Dash is compatible with devices running iOS 5.0 or later and is free to download from the app store.

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