Delete Useless Temporary Files and Safely Clean Your Device with the App iDelete

Get rid of useless temporary files and safely clean your device with the app "iDelete

Get rid of useless temporary files and safely clean your device with the app “iDelete

iDelete is a temporary file cleaner to help users gain storage and quicken their devices. While we use our devices everyday it’s easy to notice them slow down or have less storage space. With loads of useless temporary files being the cause of this thanks to iDelete, having a secure way to delete these and move on is just a download away.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. Equipped with the Protect Star Inc logo and the name of the app front and center, the settings button can also be found on the top right of the screen. A brief instruction and start button can be found on the bottom. A sleek silver based design wraps around the visual theme of the app and creates a nice experience for all users.

Brought to you by the developers behind popular apps like iShredder, iDelete is their newest creation. With the same great technology iDelete contains advanced software but remains extremely easy for all users to use. Under the settings tab users can use the help button to see a brief introduction about the app. By simply hitting the start button on the main menu the deleting procedure begins. An hour glass accompanied by the percentage of completion is shown. Just like that the unnecessary temporary files on your devices are deleted.

While iDelete remains easy to use it’s also accompanied by great features to enhance the user experience. At the completion of the procedure results are shown with the ability to share the good news with others on social networks. Thanks to the energy mode button users can also help save their battery as the procedure goes on. Multiple languages and the ability to contact the apps support is made easily accessible as well. Keeping your devices clean and free of unnecessary stuff is very important and with iDelete you can do all of this and enjoy a piece of mind knowing your device is safe.

Clean up your temporary files and do so with one easy step. Keep all of your Apple devices running smoothly with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad compatibility. Sit back and enjoy the process and a great experience all while using the app, iDelete. iDelete is available for $1.99 in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

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