Defend Your Land From the Big Bad Shark in the iOS App Shark Attack 2

Defend Your Land From the Big Bad Shark in the iPhone App Shark Attack 2

Defend Your Land From the Big Bad Shark in the iPhone App Shark Attack 2

Shark Attack 2 is a defense game that players will love to sit back and enjoy. Play each challenging level as you add shells and use pearls to buy more fish to attack the enemy. With up to 50 fun and challenging levels this is an app that will be a great addition to your device.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu where they can quickly begin enjoying the game. With buttons to play, access leader boards, achievements, and settings everything is easily accessible. Cute graphics on the main screen only help make this app look more and more fun. Lastly a button in the lower left hand corner is available to sync in app purchased products between your devices with ease. While everything is nicely displayed, to get started in the game players must hit the big red button to begin the fun.


Separating this app from other defense games in the App Store is its fresh take to the game genre. Following a great storyline and holding creative gameplay makes this game so fun to play. The objective of the game is to help Max protect his pet fishes from the shark and all of his evil friends. There are five different worlds containing ten levels in each. With three stars to earn there’s up to 30 total stars for players to get in each world. At the start of each level players must pick their fishes for the level. Each fish requires a certain amount of pearls to be added to the positions on the screen. At the bottom of the screen players will find a tracker tracing how much time is left until the wave of enemies enter the screen. By tapping and placing a fish for a set amount of pearls they can try to defend their land. Clams can help players earn more pearls to purchase more fish as they progress through each level. A level comes to an end when the wave has been beaten or the enemy gets past your territory. Strategy becomes key in this game as you try to beat the enemy fishes until they’ve all gone away.

As you progress through the game players will find up to 18 different types of fish with different abilities to help you become victorious. The fun doesn’t stop as the levels become more and more challenging as you play. Do your part and put your skills to the test as you try to fight off up to 28 different types of fish. When players get caught in a sticky situation players can quickly use the shovel to move around where there fish are and even use cool power-ups as well. Use the giant wave when too many fish are getting too close to wipe the competition away. A definite fun game this is an app players will love and enjoy.

Accept the challenge, fight off the fishes and have fun while at it. With the ability to check Game Center leader-boards and even achievements, Shark Attack 2 is sure to be a game players will enjoy on all of their devices for one great price. Shark Attack 2 is available for $1.99 in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0.

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