Cut an Image and Paste to Another Photo With Cut Me Out Pro

Cut an Image and Paste to Another Photo With Cut Me Out Pro

Cut an Image and Paste to Another Photo With Cut Me Out Pro=p1

Get Creative with Cut Me Out Pro iPhone and iPad App

Cut Me Out Pro is a photo cropping app for iPhone and iPad that lets you create multilayered collages with your images. Composed of an entirely natural user interface of simple drag-and-drop gestures, you can create, save, and share impressive images with only a few swipes across your screen.

The app is split into two views – cut view and paste view. As the names imply the cut view is where you can cut out sections of an image by simply dragging your fingers on screen to cut out any shape. You can then paste the cut-out into paste view which includes a few options to modify the final collage before saving it.


Up to five images can be chosen from your camera or photo album to be added into the collage. The easily accessible tutorial describes the exact steps involved in cutting and pasting images into the app as well as how to use different tools in the edit screen to get your picture looking the way you want it to.

These edit tools range from a basic eraser with an adjustable width, an undo feature for correcting image placements along the way, a delete button for each layer, and a share button that lets you post directly to your Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter account. Whether you’re trying to create a collage of your vacation photos, the app’s simplistic design and responsive interface makes it easy to do so in as little time as possible.

Cut Me Out Pro costs $1.99 from the app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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