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CRM-Mate for iPad App AppDictions Review

Many entrepreneurs share the same problems when it comes to starting up their own businesses – customer and contact management. Sure it may sound easy to start a business simply to earn money as easily as counting from one to three. Yet, sometimes managing a business can be very difficult especially for the novices who lack experience.

Thankfully, with the technological advancements readily available in today’s society, apps are easy to get that greatly aids business management. One app created by Novemate helps out all business owners. Introducing CRM-Mate for iPad that helps manage business plus a whole lot more!

CRM-Mate for iPad App Gameplay:

From customer and contact management, which truly drives a crm enterprise, to graphical sales planning; CRM-Mate is a highly productive business utility app for organizations of any size. Organize your business at a glance and professional relationships. From a bird’s eye point of view, CRM-Mate organizes everything involved in sales. All data is updated on your iPad plus access them when you want it wherever you are.

CRM-Mate for iPad App Appearance & Layout:

For an app that will be a basic tool for businesses, it is user friendly and not too flashy. That being said, we enjoyed the clean and somewhat sleek colors of the interface, along with the binder/portfolio style theme. Everything can be viewed at first glance which makes it easy to use and browse through.

CRM-Mate for iPad App Value:

There is plenty of out-of-the-box big corporate competition for CRM-Mate, however, fortunately for this app, those come with a fairly significant price tag.

For an app that promises to do everything it should, the price of $9.99 is reasonable enough. Think of all the money you get to save from hiring business specialists to do what an app can do so easily for you?

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Star Rating:
CRM-Mate for iPad - Novomate ★★★★½

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With CRM-Mate you are in touch with your clients – everywhere.

No business is too small for CRM-Mate. Even if you are working most of the time alone, this is the perfect App for you!

– Customer and contact management
– Opportunity management
– Case management
– Task management (Todos)
– Appointments
– Notes
– Graphical sales planer

With the organizer you have your business at a glance. Managing your professional relationships becomes naturally easy because you see it all. From appointments and tasks to the graphical sales planner with the incredible zoom functionality. Conveniently ready at your fingertip.

In the shelf, you have your customers all in order. Organize your business more effectively from the first time you use CRM-Mate. Any changes or additions appear directly in your sales folder, so no opportunities will be missed.

Your sales folder contains all you need to know in a swipe. The CRM-Mate folder shows all your relevant information: Customers, contacts, opportunities, cases and whatever related notes, appointments and tasks you find necessary. It feels and works just like a real folder, but is definitely more fun to carry around.

With CRM-Mate for iPad, you have all your data right on your iPad. Get access to them when ever you need to.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need any help, visit our support page at or write us at

If you need to collaborate with others, check out our solutions to connect CRM-Mate with your existing CRM system. Contact us for more information about CRM-Mate for SAP CRM and CRM-Mate for Capsule CRM:


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