Create Your Own Virtual Newspaper with the App Follow My News

Create Your Own Virtual Newspaper with the App Follow My News

Create Your Own Virtual Newspaper with the App Follow My News

Follow My News is a social networking and news application where the news is generated by you. Create your own news posts, add your own photos, the possibilities are all yours. Enjoy the ability to create and follow your own newsstand of different newspapers created by people all over the world. With Follow My News make your news completely yours and completely social.

After launch users are greeted by a menu to create an account. A completely free to use application users can create accounts with their email or even by using their Facebook profiles if they’d like. After entering in quick information like name, birth and city users can then add their own profile picture. When your account is complete users are then brought to the main open “home” area of the application. On the home menu users can find everything that they’ll need while in the application. This is the area where users can tap on top stories, browse, check out my news, chat, mailbox and even more. Across the bottom of the screen are other buttons for easy access as well. Before you know it you can start creating your news and sharing with others in no time.

We all have something to say. Whether we’re journalists that want to be heard or just simple bloggers, we all have something to say. With Follow My News publishing the things you have to say has never been easier. To get started just tap on the “My News” tab on the bottom of the screen. By hitting the “Add News” button you can begin creating and posting your own news to tons of different categories. After adding a story title, and picking your category you’re good to go. From here users see their post opened right in front of them on the bottom of the screen you can choose to add content or text at anytime. Add your own descriptions then start typing what you have to say. Like that your post is published under your profile where you can choose to edit it at anytime. Create your news, then share your news in a matter of seconds.

What makes Follow My News so great is how social the experience is. With not only the ability to create and publish your own newspapers and posts you can also follow other peoples newspapers and check out their posts as well. Browse in the browse sections for different types of posts for the categories you like, whether reviews, technology or even sports there’s something for you. Rate, like, dislike and even comment on posts you come across. If you even come across a cool author of posts you like chat with them all while in the application. While in Follow My News you can share and get connected easily.

The power to broadcast to the world is in your hands. Follow My News is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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