Create Photo Albums and Travel Journals Swemos iOS App

Create Photo Albums and Travel Journals Swemos iOS App

Create Photo Albums and Travel Journals Swemos iOS App

Capture, store, and share your memories with the app Swemos

Swemos is an application that allows users to create beautiful photo journals in seconds. All of your vacations, concerts and other life events, capture and store them all in organized albums with ease.

The main menu greets users after launch with buttons for more info and settings in the top corners and your albums down the middle. Each album features a clean professional design that all users are able to customize themselves. Immediately after initial download users can view two sample albums to look at, showing off the apps potential and features.

Creating your own album is easy and with tons of available choices it gives all users an enjoyable custom experience. Name your album, choose it’s style, and add a cover photo, these are just a few of the things users can do as they begin creating their albums. Swemos is an application that packs a ton of useful features but displays them in a clean manner. Adding pages of photos, tagging photos, and leaving descriptions for each set is made easy for users of all ages to use and enjoy.

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Swemos also brings tagging locations to your virtual albums in a new way. When a new photo is imported into the app its time and location is automatically added. With the ability to view each individual post on a map, and see where each photo and memory took place, this brings reminiscing to a whole new level. And your photos from your albums can also be shared with your friends thanks to email, facebook, twitter, and more sharing options available. Make sure that you’re not the only one that remembers that one great moment.

A fresh new way to remember the cherished times of your life, Swemos is a great application. With tons of features, and an easy to use, beautiful interface start saving your memories right away. Swemos is available in the App Store for $2.99 for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

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