Create Custom Timelines with TimelineBuilder iPad App


Create Custome Timelines with TimelineBuilder iPad App

Build Custom Timelines Right on Your iPad

Timeline Builder is a timeline creation app that lets you create custom timelines on your iPad. You can use this iPad app to build historical timelines, personal timelines and other custom timeline types. The app comes loaded with multiple editing options that allow you to add text entries and images to your timelines.

Starting the app reveals an interface that is themed to look like an old historical scroll. From the color palette to the font selection, much of the design is intended to resemble the material original timelines were written on.  There is also background music that plays while the app is on and helps create a relaxed atmosphere while you create your timelines. You can adjust the music to your own preferences and turn it on or off in the settings menu.

There are tabs at the bottom of the app which lets you create, delete and share your timelines. Creating a timeline is done by tapping on one of the tabs and filling out the information box that pops up. You can add a title, adjust the date range, and add a description to your timeline using the app’s creation feature.

Timeline Builder also lets you import images from your library or web browser so you can add visuals to your timeline. You can adjust the positioning and size of each image by tapping and dragging each date on your timeline and add as many events as you need within a specific date range. The app also gives you the ability to zoom in up to 16x into your timeline if you need to get a closer view of the saved events.

Timeline Builder is a valuable tool to have if you’re trying to construct a genealogical tree or need to create a timeline for educational purposes. The app costs $3.99 from iTunes and works only on the iPad at the moment.

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TimelineBuilder - Knowledge Quest, Inc. ★★★★½
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