Create Custom Ringtones with Ringtones Uncensored PRO iOS App


Create Custom Ringtones with Ringtones Uncensored PRO iOS App

Create Custom iPad and iPhone Ringtones with Ringtones Uncensored Pro iOS App

Ringtones Uncensored is an iOS ringtone maker app that allows you to creating custom talking iPad and iPhone ringtones. Ringtones Uncensored comes with over 50 voice characters that will say whatever you want them to when someone calls your phone. Ringtones Uncensored makes creating custom iPhone ringtones easy and fun.

Your voice ringtone is created in a 4-step method that involves entering a custom user ID, writing a script, selecting a speaker, and hitting record to create your ringtone. You can also add custom sound effects to play before your ringtone starts. The whole ringtone creation process is fluid and takes only a couple of seconds to complete. You’ll be able to go back and forth in each step and make changes to different elements of your voice recording when you need to.

The voice selector contains plenty of voice options which you can select by swiping through the character images and tapping on the ones that you want to use. You’ll find all kinds of voices from fictional characters to instruments to robots and even be able to use Siri’s voice.

Once you’ve created your voice ringtone you can download it by logging into the app’s website and save it your iPhone through iTunes. You can create as many ringtones as you want and keep on downloading them to your phone for free as long as you have your unique ID or email to login the website each time.

Ringtones Uncensored costs $0.99 initially and is available for the iPhone and iPad. You can try this app out today by visiting the iTunes app store.

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