Crank up the volume and tone down the calories with the app Zumba Dance

Crank up the volume and tone down the calories with the app Zumba Dance

Crank up the volume and tone down the calories with the app Zumba Dance

Turn your exercising into a party with the app Zumba Dance, a motion based health and fitness app full of dancing and fun. Move to the music and enjoy a great workout wherever you go.

After launch users are greeted by a spot to input personal information for the app to use. By simply inputting your name, height, weight and sex the app is then able to calculate your burned calories as you use the app. The main menu is then shown where users are able to select “Single Song”, “Full Class”, “Fitness Plan”, “Learn the Steps”, and lastly a button for “Progress Tracker”. Full of features Zumba Dance also has buttons to pick from up to six profiles, shop, locate areas for Zumba Classes, buy gear and dvds, options and even more. With tons of great things for users to do in the app, everything is made easy. Zumba Dance brings the lively hit dance fitness workout to your device. Bring the fun with you and enjoy dancing to up to three hours of available routines.

Getting moving with the app is easy. Just follow the on screen steps as you prepare the device to see you as you workout. There are tons of great songs to dance to, ranging with different dance styles from salsa, to merengue, hip-hop and even more. The fun begins as your song starts and you dance along to the same moves as the on screen Zumba instructors. Each song is rated by a rating of up to five stars, so dance along to get the high score. Whether Beto Perez, Gina Grant, or Kass Martin leading you through your song, every player is able to get up and get down to the music.


While players can choose to dance a single song only, Zumba Dance also comes prepared for any user looking for a full on multi-song workout. The “Full Class” mode is where users can pick from long, short, or even custom playlists. The app contains three pre-programmed calorie burning classes including party, exhilarating, and pulse-pounding, this way users can pick exactly what kind of workout they’d like to have. Users can also use the “Fitness Plan” mode to create their own workouts schedules. Track how much time you would like to spend with the app, calories burned and more with the tap of a finger.

Not only a revolutionary app to the health and fitness world based on its motion based technology for tablets, Zumba Dance also caters to all ages. Go at your own pace and at your own comfort. Whether novice or a Zumba regular, users can get a break down of the steps before their workouts to make sure they’re ready to go. You can even check your statistics and achievements from your use with the app in the “progress tracker” menu. Show off your personal fitness progress as well as your app achievements to all of your friends.

Experience great graphics, great music and a great time right away. With over three and a half hours of bonus routines also available as in-app purchases the fun can keep going and going. Zumba Dance is available in the App Store for $4.99 and is compatible with all iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.

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