Country Life Thai-style Country Love Story iOS Game App



Country Life iPhone and iPad Game App is Part Love Story 3D Game!

Country Life is a virtual farming app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the ability to build, manage, and grow your own farm. Part love story, part 3D game, this app puts you in the shoes of young boy who goes out to the Thai countryside to prove that he is worthy of the love of his life, Tida.

The game starts off with a short comic strip showing a dialogue between Tida and Derek, the character you play as. After the comic strip you are shown a fairly detailed tutorial about how to build your farm using the different tools and move Derek around the farm so he can interact with the field.


You can move around by dragging your finger on the screen in the desired direction and choose the tool from the bottom on the bottom of the screen. By delivering the products as ordered, you will get money and fame as a reward. You can check the due date or complete the order by going to the factory or the cooperative.

The drop-down menu shows the orders you have accepted from the factory and the cooperative. You can also purchase items from the in app store to speed up the growing process and unlock a variety of achievements through your Game Center account. The app also supports integration with your Facebook account so others can see how your farm grows over time.

Although the game design is relatively small compared to other apps in the genre, Country Life has a unique story driven gameplay that anyone, especially children with a lot of time on their hands can enjoy. Country Life is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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