Contacts Duster – App Review

Contacts Duster - App Review

Contacts Duster - App Review

AppDictions Review:
Contacts Duster is an easy to use contact management tool. Contacts Duster has several great features like the ability to detect and merge duplicates, detect and clean groups, edit contacts, and save all the changes you make to your iPhone Contact Book!  This app is very easy to use and the features work great.  If you’re like the rest of us and have a messy contact list, Contact Duster is the app for you! Not convinced?  Try it for yourself FREE!!


iTunes Description
Contacts Duster is an easy and convenient contacts management tool. With it’s advanced engine Contacts Duster can detects duplicates, contacts && zombies! Contacts Duster has the FIRST EVER visual graph representation of contacts status.


  • Detect and clean groups.
  • Detect and Merge duplicates.
  • Edit contacts.
  • Clean zombies (imported emails not associated to any contacts).
  • Detect and Delete empty groups.
  • Saves this changes in the iPhone address book.
  • Visualize your address book partition.
  • It’s Free $$$

Contacts Duster is an easy way to clean large address book contacts in a simple and intuitive user interface.

And after all it’s FREE. TRY IT NOW!

If you have any suggestions or complaints please address them directly by submitting a ticket using our website:
This will help improve our app and clean you address book more efficiently.

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What’s New In Version 1.2

  • Real-time progress indicator of dusting contacts.
  • Give the user the option to backup contacts before running auto-duster.
  • Contacts will now merge permanently using the Merge button.

N.B: In your app freezes, please open a ticket at so we can help you clean your contacts in the next release. Thank you for your continuos support to make this app the best contacts management app.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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