Contact Snapper – App Review

Contact Snapper - App Review

Contact Snapper - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Manually entering contact information into your iPod/iPhone/iPad is a thing of the past with Contact Snapper!  Copy information from email footers or take pictures of business cards and load them into your contact book via Contact Snapper.  The app uses sophisticated text recognition software to recognize text and assign it to the proper contact field (name, city, state, zip, email, etc.).  Contact Snapper covers 200+ countries and can recognize text in multiple languages.  Skeptical?  Give Contact Snapper a try for free!  The trial covers 3 contacts, either by photo or text.  Save time and reduce errors with Contact Snapper!


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Try it for free and save up to 3 contacts

200+ countries covered….

SAVE TIME! You no longer need to tap on your keyboard to create contacts, let your iPhone do it for you.

Contact Snapper allows you to automatically create contacts in your address book from either a photo or text pasted from another App (such as an email footer).

Adding a Contact can be as simple as 2 finger-taps. With a photo as source, Contact Snapper uses a technology developed by ABBYY to transform the picture to text. With the iPhone 3GS or 4G the results are almost guaranteed.

Contact Snapper covers 200+ countries, including China, Japan and Korea. No other card scanner App can compare to Contact Snapper’s language capabilities.

Contact Snapper doesn’t stop there. The App is actually able to identify and separate captured text and assign it to specific fields to fit each country’s conventional phone and postal format.

Contact Snapper is continually aiming higher. Should you find text that is not recognized, tell us, we’ll update our database and automatically synchronize with your device.

Contact Snapper does not transmit any information relating to your contacts or your address book overt the Internet. All the process of recognition is carried out directly from your device.

Contact Snapper allows you to “try before you buy”. A trial version, complete with all features and supported languages, is offered so you can try it for yourself, saving up to 3 contacts. If this App meets your expectations you can then purchase it directly without any additional download.

Contact Snapper – the most advanced way to add a contact to your address book …. great value for business and private use.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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