Connect Words and Pipes in the Addicting Word Game PipeWords

Connect Words and Pipes in the Addicting Word Game PipeWords

Connect Words and Pipes in the Addicting Word Game PipeWords

PipeWords is a fun word game that brings a new take to the classic game genre. When plumbing seems to not work, it’s your job to help get water from the faucet to the drain. Tap letters to create words before all of the water overflows and more in this fast paced fun game!

After launch users are greeted by the apps main menu. Featuring a button for info, settings, social networks and of course a start button, all are made available. In the background of the screen is a fun colorful piece of artwork and nice music making the game even more inviting after launch. Thanks to organized buttons getting started with the fun in PipeWords is made extremely easy. When players are ready to begin just hit the start button.

While most word games tend to only have basic boards and gameplay, PipeWords is quite the opposite. At the start of a game players are shown quick instructions before playing the game. The objective of the game is to help build a path from the faucet to the drain with the words you create. By tapping the empty board spots in between the faucet and the drain and tapping the letters on the right side of the screen you can begin creating words. If at anytime you don’t like your letter selection or the letters you’ve already placed, by simply double tapping it you can get rid of it. Sound easy? Make sure to work fast as the letters you place will begin to fill with water the longer they sit there. The end of a level is when you’ve successfully created a good path for the water to work with. Can you handle the challenge?


While also extremely fun this game is full of secrets. By looking around parts of levels you may even find bonuses. Use strategy and be smart about each piece that you put down, you never know what could happen. Thanks to the developers PipeWords also has a mode for left-handed players that you can easily access from the settings tab and more great things as well. With a sector with up to 200 stars to be found and more new levels coming soon this is definitely a game you will want to check out.

A fun new word game is only a download button away. Build paths, create words and most importantly have tons of fun with the app PipeWords. Available for 99 cents in the App Store, PipeWords is available for all iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

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