CogniFit is the Ultimate Brain Training App for iPhone


CogniFit is the Ultimate Brain Training App for iPhone

CogniFit Pushes Your Brain to the Limit

CogniFit is the ultimate iPhone brain teaser app. Be prepared to push your mind to its limit with several fun activities that will test your problem solving and cognitive abilities. If you’ve always wondered how smart you really are or wanted to know how you could become smarter, CogniFit will give you the answer.

Before you can use the app you need to create an account with BrainFit. This will allow you to have to have a personal profile where you can assess and keep track of your mental abilities. Your profile will also be viewable by other members on BrainFit so it’s probably a good idea to take some time and fill out your profile with as much relevant information as possible.

Once your profile has been created, you’ll be redirected to the home screen and the first thing you’ll see is two options called “Play” and “Train”. If it’s your first time using the app and you want to get a quick rundown of all your mental skills then you should choose the “Train” option. Alternatively, if you want to explore the different games and activities you can select the “Play” option.

After you go through the assessment that’s given to you in the Train section, you are given a cognitive score which tells you what types of tasks your brain is best at performing. You are given information about your brain’s focus attention, processing speed, response time, divided attention, working memory, planning, updating, visual scanning and spatial perception.


After your assessment has been completed you are awarded points known as neurons which determine your position relative to other users. To unlock more neuron points you have to go to the Play section of the app, select a task and create a challenge. You get points only if you are able to win each challenge and lose points if you lose a challenge. The ranking section of the app displays your position relative to other users and you can view what your rank is in your country and around the world.

The more challenges you take part in, the more accurate your cognitive score will be. You can use this app for fun or as an actual tool to improve your brain’s abilities and you’ll definitely be able feel the results once you begin using this app on a regular basis. CogniFit is free to download which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who has an iPhone.

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