Coaster Crazy iPhone and iPad App Take You on a Journey


Coaster Crazy iPhone and iPad App Take You on a Journey

Take the Ride of Your Life on Coaster Crazy iPhone and iPad App

Coaster Crazy iPhone and iPad app is a game from the creators of RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3 that brings the thrill of owning your very own roller coaster park to your iOS device. The app comes with immersive 3D graphics, plenty of roller coasters and gameplay that will keep you glued to your screen for hours upon hours.

You start off by spinning a globe and selecting the continent you want to build your roller coaster park in. After making your selection you’ll be able to see the all the lots available in that region and start building your roller coaster park by following the opening tutorial’s tips and instructions.

Your objective is to build as many roller coaster parks as you can while making sure you keep the plot’s Crazies – the characters who own the plot – happy. Some of them might ask you to make a coaster that has a certain minimum top speed while others will ask for a high score. Once you’ve completed their requests you’ll be able to open your roller coaster park to the public and make money from it.

Each lot will have its own crazies with a list of demands you’ll have to fulfill each time. You can test your roller coaster ride as many times as you want and keep on adding features to it until your crazies are satisfied. You can modify everything about your roller coaster including the peaks and loops and also add a variety of cool special pieces once they’ve been unlocked.

Your best scores are kept through game center where you can view your position relative to other players across the world. Tapping on anyone’s score will load up their roller coaster ride where you’ll be able to go on a ride and explore it just like you would your own. There are also daily challenges you can take part in that will earn you extra points on the leaderboard.

Coaster Crazy is free to download from iTunes and works with the iPhone and iPad. The developers have managed to put together a very well-polished game that is both fun to play and good to look at. 

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Coaster Crazy - Frontier Developments LtdCoaster Crazy - Frontier Developments Ltd ★★★★★
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