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This digital age, barriers across countries have greatly diminished, if not disappeared completely. Not only is travel more accessible to everyone, but learning about different cultures is as easy as 123 now. Tutors, classes and online courses are abundant—and most recently, applications have begun offering windows to other parts of the planet.

123 Chinese certainly offers a comprehensive look into the usually indecipherable language. This offering from Legendary Crafters allows you—especially the youth—to learn about the Chinese firsthand.

These days, China boasts one of the largest (and most significant) economies globally. That’s why it is such a good idea to make language lessons for Chinese accessible to the growing number of iPad users.

This application is the ideal tool to introduce to youngsters the fascinating language of China. Flashcards make the process of learning so much easier and more convenient. The use of colors and interesting graphics work to make the application very interesting for kids and adults alike.

For more convenience, the developers of 123 Chinese has divided all the picture cards into categories, so students can learn in an orderly fashion. Specific categories include colors, animals and numbers—very basic Chinese for the young student or beginner. Follow the arrows provided to learn the characters by imitation.

If the flashcards assist in helping you recognize the foreign characters, the audio instructions will teach you how to pronounce it the right way. Clear, audible and accurate, you’ll be rattling off your words and phrases in no time.

The appearance of the application is very fun and friendly for children. The Chinese characters are large and clear, ideal for those who are encountering them for the first time.

123 Chinese is absolutely the application to get if you’re looking to impart the Chinese language to a kid.

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Do you want your children to play and learn? We not only let them play a fun game but also help to learn a different foreign language.

Try out our application and help to give them a basic knowledge of the Chinese language through the use of appealing and colorful flashcards.
The Flashcards are organized in basic categories such as colors, animals and numbers.
And more categories will be added with further upgrades.

Your children will learn how to speak, read and write basic Chinese words in a graphical engaging way and although it is primarily aimed at children, it is in no way limited to just children. Everyone in the family will be able to learn some words in an exciting new language.

The fully voiced words will help them with their pronunciation and the added instructions will help them write the characters in the correct fashion.

There are plenty of study books available but why spend tons of money on something that is non-interactive and won’t engage your children long enough for them to actually learn anything.

With our application we will teach your children in a playful manner for the best possible results.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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123 Chinese - Legendary Crafters Ltd

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